What a tremendous bank shot by Mason Jones to pull the upset off on the road!

He called bank also, because he had to, because the defender was right in his face, and fully extended. That one will make ESPN’s highlight of the week for certain!!

(((((((((((Tremendous))))))))))) Defensive performance by the Razorbacks all night long.

It was a brick, but who cares? It went in. Mason and Joe were ice cold in the 2nd half and in overtime, but our defense kept us in the game. We need to find another shooter, somehow…a 3rd guy who can shoot from beyond the line. Poor Desi Sills just can’t buy a 3. 1 for like 25 or so. 4%. Surely, he will snap out of it. He shot the 3 pretty good last year, but moving back the line has just killed him.

The encouraging thing is we couldn’t shoot a lick and won on the road in front of a tough crowd. That is big.

Huge confidence builder. Mason is one tough dude. “I called that bank shot”, his twitter after the game saying it was a Nutter shot…:slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, he definitely called it, just watched it again on Sportscenter, he had to kiss it off of the glass because the defender was in position…