We're close?

According to Bret Bielema, after seven games into a season of abysmal coaching, we’re close. As usual, based upon the product on the field, I’m not exactly sure what Bielema means, but I have been “close” to sticking my head in a trash can a few times and throwing up.

If there are truly three phases inclusive of offense, defense and special teams involving a football game, I can’t imagine how Bret believes the Razorbacks are “close” to resembling anything near a competitive and well coached team.

If he honestly believes the team to be close to winning meaningful games in the SEC, his incompetence is far more impressive than most people give him credit - and, I will have two of whatever he’s drinking.

The only thing that we’re close can mean at this point is that CBB doesn’t know what’s going on.

We’re not close on Offensive Line with a sack rate this abysmal and a lineup that shuffles weekly because we can’t block for run or pass.

We’re not close at skill positions with the production we’re getting offensively and the limited chances provided by our line.

We’re not close on defense when we give up BIG12 numbers in the SEC.

We’re not close on special teams and never have been because it’s seemingly ignored by CBB.

Our entire offensive scheme is built around a line that can block for 2 seconds while winning the LOS on run plays and 5 seconds on pass plays and our line can do neither. CBB or Enos has shown no adeptness at adapting to this reality.

There’s little doubt that if our offense was better then our defense would be better because they would have time to rest but when you can’t play against Auburn’s tempo then conditioning is a problem anyway. Curl will become a good CB (decent currently) in the SEC but we’re in a deficient everywhere else in the secondary. LBs are too slow for the SEC and the 3-4 isn’t helping us stop the run or the spread at all. The DL is mediocre and more mediocre as you use depth.

All of this goes back to recruiting and CBB is playing solely with his guys right now… 2-5… he’s not seen it but this is what he has brought on himself and all of us with his recruiting strategy. It’s NOT working and we’re further away than when he got here… We’re DEFINITELY not close.

We fade at the end of games and the end of seasons… shouldn’t this also point to the strength and conditioning coach?

If only we could go back and just fire Nutt before the whole Malzahn fiasco… or if Bobby wasn’t such a douchbag hiring his mistress and wrecking motorcycles and lying like a rug… or if CBB had focused on football rather than the celebrity he became when he took the Arkansas job… whatever we could change in the past can’t be done.

We’re close… we’re close to next change in the future of Razorback football and hopefully this one actually moves us forward without self destructing.

Excellent post, hog brother in Texas. Nailed it.

Ditto on excellent post. The first question is whether Long will pull the trigger. I am sincerely concerned that Long has no intention of doing what needs to be done. If that’s the case then we,as fans, have to prepare for more of the same - a prospect that makes me want to enter the world of apathy. It’s hard to care when the people who can actually do something to make things better are loath to acknowledge there is a problem.

We are close to being the lowest ranked team in the SEC and we are close to being ranked below Arkansas State.

Close to finding a real estate agent I hope.

Okay Bret, what exactly are we “close” to now - presuming your next presser takes place in about two hours.

Do tell.