Well, well, well

Look at the record and look at the performance. No creative math. No excuses. No blaming the players. Just look at what the team was before Bielema and Drunk Uncle Johhny. The players are fine. The talent is there, except at QB, he is by no means an SEC QB, much less a power 5 QB. The difference between Arkansas and Alabama is Bear Bryant and Nick Saban. The talent is spread everywhere across the NCAA. If Bret can’t coach it’s time to go. The talent pool for up and coming coaches is deep and one of them should be snatched up now instead of pouring the bronze for Bret Bielema’s .500 record statue.

P.S. - Just in case you guys have to ask, the coaches I’m talking about are: P.J. Fleck (Western Michigan) record and attitude speak for itself. Tom Herman (Houston) knows how to recruit and use players, Matt Rhule (Temple) more winning than Temple has ever experienced, Craig Bohle (Wyoming) 3 National Championships at NDSU and shaping Wyoming into winning program immediately, Bryan Harrison (Boise St.) they don’t hire losers at Boise, Charlie Strong (Texas) hometown dude that could win in right now with this Arkansas team. The list goes on but, I’m sure you guys will try and make the Bert turd seem shinier than these guys that win.

Well well well… By reading your rant here, I am sure you are not watching or have any knowledge about football so take it easy man.
QB Allen is doing very very well as a first year starter. Personally I would take him over the other 10 or so SEC QBs.
Your list of HC is OK but Charlie Strong??? Did you watch the 2014 Bowl where the Hogs held Strong’s team to a mere 59 yards total offense? He will be gone after this year.

It’s funny. Same thing was said by people like you about Austin’s brother, and the last time I checked he was on the Jacksonville Jaguars’ roster. Doesn’t mean Austin will reach that level, but considering he has 10 collegiate starts, we ought not to be slinging such hash around about him.

As for CBB, that’s your opinion. Others share it. You have right to it, but I would be careful: the grass is always greener at a different school (or blue, if it’s Boise State). Seems like we hired a guy a few years ago from Boise State. I wonder what happened to him. Hmmm. Anyway, to each his own, but as long as CBB wears the Arkansas gear, I will hope he can get us to the next level. If not, he will be gone just like all the others.

Now the gates of Fayetteville were securely barred because of the board of trustees. No one went out and no one came in.

Then the Lord said to Peter Joshua, “See, I have delivered Razorback Stadium into your hands, along with Long, Bielema and all his assistant coaches. March around the Broyles Complex once with all the potential head coaching candidates (except Tom Herman, he’s a poser). Do this for six days. Have seven disgruntled fans carry trumpets and longhorns in front of Tusk. On the seventh day, march around the Broyles Complex seven times, with the whole entourage yelling woo pig sooie. When you hear a ref blow the whistle, have the whole bunch give a loud shout and say WTF?; then the walls of WRS will collapse and the program is yours".

Bielema alluded to a critical evaluation of the QB position in his post LSU comments. I don’t really buy that. I think the Allen boys have that position more or less akin to birthright. We have had several promising QB’s exit the program over recent years probably at least slightly thinking along those lines. I think that is a very unhealthy situation for any program and this program does look very sick at times on the field of play. However as with everything, the buck stops right with Bielema.

You sound like you are in love with bad football??

Good one Mudville. I say if CBB finishes the last two games with wins and wins the bowl game we retain. If he loses the bowl game or gets one more bad loss especially to any one of these last two teams then we get out the short list of candidates. Personally I want CBB and this team to succeed. HOGS YA’LL.

Bielema is not being fired with that buyout if the next three games are Auburn style blow outs. They are not paying him $12 million or whatever that outrageous amount totals. We are stuck with him the next two years most likely but we don’t have to act like we like it like some of these clowns.

Bielema is not a good field coach. The only ones he ever shows anger to are the game officials. Even when his own team is stinking up the field, never anger towards a player. Watch Saban and even remember Petrino. Bielema is not a good coach on the field. He probably is therefore not a good coach on the practice field or in the locker room.

He needs assistants who he now hasn’t got. I think he really likes his fellow northern dudes. That means our crummy football will continue. The next three games mean zilch. We have two more years of this. People like you and this Mud dude can tip toe through it all setting weekly ever changing ultimatums. I will just weekly refer to rotten football as rotten football.

No one sent you an ultimatum about what the AD should do/not do. I’m pretty sure we all are expressing our OPINIONS about the direction of the program. Furthermore, I don’t recall seeing any Ringling Bros. tatoos being posted on this forum. THEREFORE, IMHO we retain on the basis of year-over-year performance. HOGS YA’LL.

I didn’t claim having any personal connections to Long. However this fan base does. You were applauding a poster who mocked the OP who is more correct than either of you.

Year over year performance? Already assured of a worse record SEC wise than last year. Currently the worst Power Five team defending the rush since the year 2000. Those last three games are surely going to make the bright sun shine and the birds sing throughout Razorback Land. We will all just fall back in love with this coach.

No, I want this coach to be competitive in challenging for SEC Championships as HE PROMISED. Not win two-bit bowl games yearly.

CBB wining a SEC Championship at Arkansas 30%

CBB winning a National Championship at any school 0%


You realize it is virtually impossible to keep discussions going on this board with you around. All you do is keep posting the same talking points over and over. And instead of discussing with other posters, you just want to argue. This board is dying quicker than it started because of a lot of people like you.


Peter…you have your opinions and I have mine. My opinion is that you are wrong. When Allen has not had people dragging or knocking him to the ground he is been on the edge of exceptional. And…boy, you scraped the bottom of the barrel on those coaches. Herman at Houston? Did you see them get demolished by SMU…yes, SMU? If you think that was bad watch Louisville put 50+ on them this weekend. If Strong can’t win at Texas in the Big 12(?) how in the world could he win at Arkansas in the SEC? These coaches that are successful in conferences like the AAC don’t necessarily bring success to the SEC…ie: Butch Jones at Tennessee. 60% of college football is recruiting and in the SEC when you are recruiting against the likes of Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Florida, A&M and even Auburn it is tough sledding. Most of those teams do not even have to leave their state to be competitive…NATIONALLY! Why do you think you continue to see Arkansas, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi State and Vandy at the middle to the bottom of the conference? It all goes back to recruiting. Read the article. Every team the Razorbacks have lost to this year they were the underdog and were expected to lose to them. They have beaten every team they were supposed to beat plus 3 others…Ole Miss, TCU and Florida. How can you say that’s bad coaching? Or lack of an adequate QB?

If anyone believes Austin Allen is the problem then you know nothing of football. Like Bielema said after he was hired and started the rebuilding, he recognized it starts in the trenches and we lack the physical players on the line.

A RB can’t make a yard without a OL opening a hole. You can’t stop the run without having a DL who can’t control a gap. We can’t have DL who look like LB’s next to the linemen on Bama’s or LSU team. Bielema really needs to get serious about recruiting football players who can also pass classes rather recruiting students who can also play football if he wants to compete in the SEC. We will see in the off season what he decides to do. Will he make coaching changes and bring in good recruiters or will he keep his current staff? That will be a sign on whether to renew those season tickets or sell.

Well you are on your same old talking point. That I kill chat boards. You said that with the first post you ever made on this board. Now you have personally called me out and stated I only want to argue. There appears to be two of us.

I went over to HA’s disqus board one time on a link Saintly posted here. I saw you posting there. Saintly posting links here and HA sending Private Messages to everyone on this board cajoling everyone to his site complaining about the moderation here and promising a more open opinionated forum on his board has obviously been deemed totally acceptable by you. Hog Authority, Saintly & rlw59 and a hodge podge of constanly changing posters were about all on that old board. NCHog followed the Hogs very closely and was a very knowledgeable poster over there. He conversed with Davenport a lot, I never ran NCHog off over there and I surely had nothing to do with him choosing not to ever post here.

Maybe HA sent NCHog a PM? I think the three I named in the previous paragraph are board killers. Posts about showering with Petrino for fun sure caused me to log out and ignore that board for very long durations. Those three and tawtam did the vast majority of posting over there. I guess you enjoyed their jolly playful banter and them plusing each other’s posts all day long?

No, bad football stats over & over like the worst rush defense for any Power Five team since 2000 is what is killing Hog boards. Fans as you want to just ignore it and shower positivity all over the coach responsible. I want to point it out like a few others here as totally unacceptable. Most people however will just ignore the whole lot.

Sheesh. I’ve never seen so many Hog fans in love with losing. I could understand this sort of reaction to the 2014 season or even 2015 but, Bert is getting blown out. This team is by many measures the worst EVER. Let that sink in before you make excuses for this terrible coaching. “If we get to 8-4 then that’ll be good and a minor bowl. We won’t ever win anything of significance but, that’s ok with me. I just love cheering on losers. DRRRRRRR.” Why not schedule a bunch of FCS teams out of conference (not the good ones) and just limp into as many wins as possible each season? Get blown out by most of the SEC but, WHO CARES? People who comment on here are quick to defend Bert but, even quicker to condemn Charlie Strong. We’ve seen what he can do with a team. He walked into a situation much like Bert except, he made a bowl quicker than Bert. He would do great at Arkansas. Most of the list of coaches I proposed would do better at Arkansas, at this point, than Bert. It’s year 4 and the excuse makers need to stop trusting this loser as their coach.

Now Peter Joshua sent some of the disgruntled fans from various Arkansas regions (no not the Regions Bank building, heck that’s going down in flames) to Fayetteville, which is near Springdale to the east of Bethel Heights, and told them, “Go up and spy out Long, Bielema and their minions.” So the men went up and spied out these dudes.
When they returned to Peter Joshua, they said, “Not all the Hog army will have to go up against the Long Bielemaites. Send two or three thousand men in Hog hats to take them out and do not weary the whole Razorback entourage, for only Long, Bielema, a few assistant coaches, and an equipment manager or two live there.” So about three thousand went up; but they were routed by the Long Bielemaites who killed about thirty-six of them while chanting “Pepsi is better than Coke”. They chased the disenfranchised Hog Army from the city gate as far as Wedington Drive and struck them down on the parking lot of the Catfish Hole. At this the hearts of the people melted in fear and became like Dasani.
[All from the New Mudville Translation]


So…answer the question directly. We win the last two games and go 8-4 that is an improvement over last year. Here’s the question. Do we retain or fire CBB and the current staff? HOGS YA’LL.