Well we were tied at half,

We were tied at half time so we are just as good as A&M. How many yards or catches did Duwop have?

LOL duwop wow.

IF you watched the game we should have been up at least by 10 at half. But poor coaching cost us this game. Simple as that. They put everyone and their mother up in the box and what do we do ? Run the QB sneak not once but TWICE !!! Derp derpy Bert strikes again. Oh and that defense that Bert is soo much better at that Bobby allowed one of the most unathletic qb’s I’ve ever seen take the ball in twice from a total of almost 80 years out !! Think about that folks. Zero adjustments. You let that slow QB run 40 yards on you not once but twice ?

Time for a change and it needs to start at the top. Do you trust Jeff Long to hire another coach ? I know I don’t.