Well, there's always women's CBB, oh wait, nevermind..

They’re worse under Dykes than Mike Anderson, and with far more talent… Well, baseball is right around the corner, oh wait…LOL… We need to hire good, solid, basketball coaches, not whoever has a good fan following…Fire them both, Dykes and Anderson and his Affirmative Action completely useless staff. LOL…His staff is worthless, they don’t need to hear that they are great, the world is great, here’s a smiley face for the day, they need a real coach like South Carolina has.

Looks like something needs to be done there. It appears to me they need to clean house starting with Jeff Long.

Without a doubt, fire everyone. Bielema, Anderson, Dykes, the Security Guards, Vendor s, everyone…

Boy what a relief. That would really help!

That might be a good start. Whatever Long’s talent, it is not selecting coaches which is something Frank Broyles excelled at. And, even when Broyles, did make a coaching hire mistake, he would quickly hire a new coach. That is something Long will not do since his ego will not allow him admitting he made a mistake.

Frank Broyle’s fired coaches that he had no business in firing! I’m not a fan of what he did as a AD! He probably got by with doing things that he should have been fired for himself. Evaluate yourself sometime and see just how perfect you are. Put up a monument for Broyle’s and forget about him. That’s history. We are still recovering from his mistakes and people like him.
He hated Nolan so bad he let Mike Anderson go and created the down swing in the basketball program or have you forgotten that! A few of those recruits that did not come to the hill have played in the NBA! A lot of the players that were here transferred. He fired several winning coaches! That’s not an environment any coach anywhere wants to take a job! What happened to the time your coach could and would stay until he or she retires.
Look what jerk ball Mr White did by firing
Gary Blair. What a smart move!
Firing coaches does no good. Every time in any sport there is a winner and a loser.
50\50 shot at winning. I wonder how many arm chair hair brain idiots are out there that understand how much work goes into coaching outside of what we see on game day ! I appreciate the investment of time that all coaches have and will put into my great Hogs!!

I think there is a time and a place to fire a coach, but more times than not, the time is not now nor is this the place. Often, it does set a program back. Stan Heath and John Pelphrey were not the answers to the basketball program, but part of the problem was they had no history with the program. Mike Anderson does, and he understands the fans’ concerns as much as anybody out there. He may not always respond in the way the fans want or win as much as some fans expect, but he deserves some latitude.

Obviously I was just venting after an ugly home loss to Vandy, and wasn’t serious with that post…
How come you guys never bring back up the many more posts I make complementing Anderson, a couple since this post?

I get just as agrivated about a loss as anyone. But firing a coach is not the answer. The players performance or lack of is and has been the issue. We will have losses but to get your brains beat out by a pitiful team hurts that much more. Giving you a break is very possible. I don’t know you but this I do. " People in general get up each day look in the mirror with the intent to do the best they can with the talent that God has given them! ".
MA is our hog basketball coach and CBB is our