Well, so much for Kiffin, Norvell, and Leach, who’s left?

Kiffin chose the Ole Miss (Rebels) over Arkansas, Norvell is going to FSU, and Leach used Arkansas for a raise and extension.

This is embarrassing, but not surprised really! I think Kiffin figures based on recent history, he has a better chance of beating his buddy in Tuscaloosa at Ole Miss than Arkansas. Probably does to be honest about it.

I said it from the beginning, Arkansas needs to be creative and think outside the box, because of our idiot fan base, no one wants this job.

I would go after Raheem Morris, Eric Biennemy, Robert Saleh, Greg Roman, Kevin Sumlin, Charlie Strong, and Jeff Hafley…

Arkansas desperately needs to sweep out the garbage in their fan base though, they started in really with that blimp episode, and have subsequently recommended and gotten 4 of the most embarrassing coaches in school history. Clearly their football acumen leaves something to be desired.

Quit dragging your feet and hire the obvious, most qualified candidate, Sam Pittman. You’re talking about a coach with 15 yrs. experience, has a strong desire to return to Fayetteville, outstanding recruiter , has coordinators already chosen, knows what an SEC athlete looks like and will make our program relevant again. Come on HY, pull the trigger…

I agree with you. Sam Pittman is one of the top coaches in the game. He’s never been a head coach to my knowledge, but he can coach.