Well it was fun in the top 25 for a week.

I am guessing that visit to the top 25 was short lived. Maybe a beat down of Alcorn St. we can slip back in for a week… Then that is it. BAMA, OLE MISS, etc… That display of 8 plays from the 2 yard line and not being able to score wast very discouraging. Another 2nd half melt down… Coach Herb!!

Honestly, we should still be in the top 25. If Ole Miss can stay in with a 1-2 record going into yesterday’s game, then we should stay in with a 3-1 record, while losing to a top 10 team. Not that it matters because we are only a 1/3 of the way through the season.

We couldn’t score from inside the two after almost 10 tries !!! NO way we should be in the top 25. Welcome to HDN part two folks. Firing Bobby set the program back ten years. Fire Jeff Long he’s a yankee who doesnt belong here.

If it would have been we lost by a couple maybe… But I think we fall out now… Nothing in our resume that shows we can beat a top 25 team.

Ole Miss lost to the team that Bobby blasted… Thats right FSU. Then they lost to Bama… We lost to the freaking Aggies… OK… Failing out of the top 25 should tell everyone exactly what the media thinks about BB’s ability as a coach. And I agree with them. He’s not going to get it done here folks. If it wasn’t for teams like SWTSU on our schedule routinely we wouldn’t have hardly any wins to point too.

Get over it or move to Louisville boards. You’re whining and crying doesn’t help anything.

You’ll agree with anyone who agrees with your preconceived notions. That’s not critical thinking, that’s confirmation bias. Why don’t you actually put some perspective to your beliefs and think with an open mind.

That display of 8 plays from the 2 yard line and not being able to score wast very discouraging. There was plenty of blame to go around. Except AA played great.

YOU telling ME to think with an open mind is laughable. SHow me one single post in your illustrious posting history where you have said or been anything other than pro Bert or Pro Long ? You even justify getting beat by Toledo. You are the most closed minded poser on here… Your suggestion is laughable. Maybe I should just open my mind to sucking in the fourth year of a coaches tenure. I admit I NEVER liked the hire. It was a step backwards and spitting in the face of the fans. Bert is in way over his head in the conference. He needs to find some place where his skillset can be appreciated. Maybe some place like Cloverdale Jr High.

You think Petrino would have scored on 100 % of those times ? I do. And he would have won that game too. But sit back and listen to the posers support Jeff and Bert. They are building IT the right way. :lol:

Petrino’s gone forever. Jdeere who would you bring in? :?:

#20 in the AP poll

#22 in the Coaches Poll

The only confusing part to me was how TCU passed us in the coaches poll, when they haven’t beaten a ranked team yet, and lost to us just over 2 weeks ago.

Thats easy. They are over-rated. Just like they were when we beat them.