Weekend in the Bayou

Lets hope this weekend that the Hogs fare much better against the Tigers than they did on the road a couple of weeks ago against MSU. Then maybe they can carry a little momentum in the final two series of regular season against TAM and UGA.


Arkansas success in BR has been tough to find.

Well if winning championships and being a great team were easy then everyone would be doing it! Certainly winning at LSU won’t be easy, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. But it is the next step we need to accomplish to build on a pretty good (so far) season.

It the hogs can win 2 games I would be happy. Especially at the Box. I’ve seen so many weird things happen in games against LSU that you can throw the records and all the numbers out the window.
Anything is possible but last weekend I watched an LSU team that doesn’t look like the typical tigers. They had a lack of energy and enthusiasm. This weekend they have their backs against the wall being projected outside of postseason play!

Went on YouTube today and watched how the Hogs have puked away big leads against LSU in recent years. Now, I’m not saying Arkansas can’t win the national title without beating LSU, but many great teams have had to get the monkey off their backs before they could win big (the Pistons had to get past the Celtics, the Bulls had to get by the Pistons, etc.). The road to the SEC West title always goes through the team from Baton Rouge. The Hogs would give their title hopes a boost with at least two wins this weekend.

We have a one game lead on OM and two on TAM. Rebs are at SoCar, which is playing well, and Ags host Florida. I wouldn’t expect OM to sweep the poultry nor A&M to sweep the Wallets.

Swine it is more likely for Texas A&M to go 1-2 this weekend and also Ole Miss to join them 1-2. If the hogs could go 2-1 it would be a boost. The race for the west may come down to the final day of the regular season. It would be nice to build a lead!

WPS! Many many congrats to the Diamond Hogs tonight with a big victory in Baton Rouge! A great start to the weekend. Very proud of you! Good luck in the next two!

Mike it was a fun game to watch and listen too! I think they are officially the cardiac hogs. They don’t do anything easy.
Tomorrow if Murphy can locate his off speed stuff I like our chances of getting another win!