We really suck

We don’t have the roster to play Morris’ style. It will take 2 to 3 recruiting classes to get there, assuming a minimal amount of recruiting mistakes and a large amount of recruiting successes. Maybe by 2021 we will again have a program we can be proud of.

For this season I can’t say that I disagree with your accessment, but it’s not that our kids aren’t trying or playing hard, it’s just the simple fact that we don’t have an SEC caliber roster.
I think with the new rule allowing freshman to play I believe in upmto 4 games without losing their redshirt year it’s time to start getting some of these guys an opportunity to play and gain some much needed experience. It’s not like this years team is going to get to six wins with what we’ve just witnessed.
A couple of good recruiting classes and we will find out if Coach Morris and his staff can turn this program around, I certainly hope they can as I’m sure all Hog fans are as well.

Go Hogs!

One area that stood out to me where our talent level is very weak is in the kicking game. Old timers like me remember names like McClard, Little, Ordonez, Cox, Trainor - to name a few. In my opinion, we have not had a decent kicker since Zach Hocker. CSU’s guy kicked it out of the end zone most times and made a 55 field goal while going 4 for 4. Our guy misses 2 field goals and hardly got it to of the end zone. Once a great source of pride with me as a fan, Arkansas’ kicking game is a travesty today. Maybe Morris can find someone who can make the long kicks and flip the field with punts but our kicking game is definitely a source of consternation with me.

North Texas State has a great kicker.


I forgot that Cole Hedlund transferred to North Texas and appears to be having some success there. What does that say about the coaching he got (or did not get) here?

Nothing. As a former kicker said on another thread, much of kicking is mental. Hedlund would kick great in practice, even in pre-game, but in the game just couldn’t get it done. The change of scenery has done him good. I’m glad for him because he always had the potential.