We have the power

Watching the game. Disappointing doesn’t give the word justice. If the game progresses as I suspect it will, it will be another humiliating loss to a bad Ole Miss team. Many of us have had it with the excuses. We are tired of hearing about the injuries, misevaluations in recruiting, the players not living up to expectations, ect, ect. CBB and his staff are paid to WIN football games. They have failed miserably. Unbelievably, there are powerful forces on the Hill and in the Arkansas sports media who believe that CBB and company are deserving another year to " Right the ship". Guys, these forces want us to believe that we are powerless to have any say in this matter. Don’t believe them. We, the fans are the true power in this State. Through our voices and our wallets, we can determine the outcome of this calamity. Yes we will be ridiculed, made fun of, and told we don’t know what we are talking about. But we are not fools or blind. We can see this train wreck for what it is. We can change this.