Way too Early 2019 Razorback Football Predictions

WARNING: I’m an eternal optimist - and, crashed and burned with my predictions for the 2018 season.

Having just watched the Red/White game, Ben Hicks seems to be a major improvement at quarterback and John Stephen Jones is no slouch in the Chad Morris offense. It will be interesting to see what Nick Starkel and KJ Jefferson can bring to the table, though I think both may be a year or so away. As a legitimate dual threat quarterback, Jefferson should eventually be primed to run the show for a couple of years. Talented kid and I love Connor Noland, but in my opinion, he is currently playing his best sport.

Overall, I thought the offense looked much more cohesive as well as explosive and Chief’s first and second team defense looked salty.

So here we go, and I would be interested in other opinions on the upcoming season. Bold print to indicate home games.

Aug. 31\tPortland State WIN
Sept. 7\t Ole Miss WIN
Sept. 14\tColorado State WIN
Sept. 21\tSan Jose State WIN
Sept. 28\tvs. Texas A&M LOSS
Oct. 12\t Kentucky LOSS
Oct. 19\tAuburn LOSS
Oct. 26\t Alabama LOSS
Nov. 2\tMississippi State WIN
Nov. 9\tWestern Kentucky WIN
Nov. 23\t LSU LOSS
Nov. 30\tMissouri (LR) WIN

As much as I hate to say it, A&M should be a winnable game, especially if the Razorbacks can get by Ole Miss in Oxford, though we seem to have some bad “moojoo” going for the moment with the Aggies. Although in Lexington, Kentucky should also be a winnable game.

As written and said numerous times by many folks last year, the quarterback position is the key in the Morris offense. Hicks is a definite upgrade.


Go Hogs.

I think we go 4-8. I believe Morris will have a slow rebuild here, just hope he gets the chance to complete it, I said this after last season, I expect this year to be 4-8, next year to be 6-6, the year after 8-4, and the following year 10-2. Not counting bowl games, but would the fanbase allow that kind of slow rebuild? Or the BOT? Or HY?

I epitomize “the eternal optimist”. I boldly predict 6-6. I don’t mind being scoffed at and held up to ridicule.

I TRULY want to believe that such an achievement is possible in the upcoming second season of The Morris Era.


5-6 or 6-6.

It’s good to hear from you, Richard. I hope things are all right in your world. God bless.

All good on this end. You SF?

I and my brood are fine, thank you. I appreciate your in-depth professionalism. I’ve noted some posts in the past that were quite disrespectful of you, - -and quite uncalled for. But, - unfortunately, - when you deal with the general public (especially an ANONYMOUS general public) , I suppose that baggage comes with the territory.

Happy Easter to you and yours, brother. :smiley:

I also hope for a 6-6 season. :smiley:

As usual, I will wait until I see how the spring, summer and preseason practice go and see any additions or subtractions before tossing out a record.

Because if you are wrong, it tends to be brought up.

Very true

I don’t mind saying outright that I believe that this coming rendition of Razorback football personnel will have the talent level to register 6 wins.

If they don’t achieve that projected benchmark hope, I won’t mind being chided and razzed. I say what I think.

Until I see us play against someone other than ourselves it’s truly difficult to measure our improvement. Having said that my best guess is a good year would be 5 wins, CCM has a very up hill battle. WPS

The Morris offense revolves around the quarterback position. Ben Hicks is familiar with what Morris expects from his quarterback and should be a huge difference between the options available last year. In my opinion, the backups, including the incoming Jefferson kid, are better alternatives than either of the starters at quarterback last season.

The defense has talent, though young, but after another year under chief should be salty and noticeably better. The same to be said for special teams.

For the time being, I’m sticking with 7-5.

Go Hogs.

5-6 or 6-6. Gives fans and recruits a reason to be upbeat going forward.

Living in Texas and believing in Morris, I still think we get to 7-5. Can we do better? The quarterback competition should be intense and legit this year. The backs and receivers are SEC quality. The defense under Chief will be improved. O Line, where you at?

Go Hogs.