Watch the CBB post game interview

I just finished watching CBB’s post game interview on this website. I don’t think I have ever seen him so intense after a win. He actually seemed angry. The way he was talking I think he is still mad as heck about the Auburn game. And I may be mistaken, but at the 7:00 mark did he actually say" I am not one to stand up here and pat myself on the back, but when S#!T needs to happen, I got to make it happen!" I mean he really seemed pissed! I take from this that he basically told CRS, “this is what I want, now make it happen, pal”!

That’s what a good CEO needs to do although I thought it should have happened early. I think he also admitted we are thin on the OL and that needs to be a focus. Shout out to Gibson who came in and played a heck of a game.

Yep,CBB did say that and he was VERY emotional about it all. Hope now that push carries over through the rest of the schedule. If we beat LSU then I think we also win the last two as well although Ms.St. showed up and beat A&M and we might be in a close one there. HOGS YA’LL.