Watch for recruiting

This might be a good week for the UofA.

BTW have you noticed we are landing better and higher rated players?

Now this is the type of info you get on the pay side. I do understand not paying. And this is the purpose for the Hawg Lounge. WPS

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Yep, looks like a good week


I hope Coach Pittman and his staff fill the last spots on with Defensive players!
We sure can’t complain about This recruiting class at all. It appears they are more talented. CSP made the statement we have to get bigger and faster to compete in the SEC and to this point he is making improvements!
There’s a lot of starters to replace as well as those who left in the portal.
Spring ball will be an exciting time for all of us.

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That’s right army. Sam has upgraded our level of players. Sam knows what the players should play like, ie the IT factor! That Ga line that he helped recruit sure took over in the 4th Qt in that championship game.


I was at the our bowl game and watch our offensive line take over in the second half. Yes, under Coach Pittman, we are heading in the right direction.

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