Was that dude serious about not making a DC change???

If he was, then obviously he will be fired, so he shouldn’t get an extension… That would just be burning away the new hire’s money. Missouri looked like they’ve never won a game before in their entire history, with the way they were jumping and hopping around on the sideline. Arkansas looked like they just attended a funeral for most of the game. It wasn’t just the defense though.
Austin Allen choked in the red zone. I have no clue why everyone loves Dan Skipper, he hasn’t had one solid season in his entire tenure at Arkansas. If he gets drafted, and he should for his size alone, NFL coaches will rip him a new one for all those penalties, especially if their in the red zone like today.

I don’t know if he was or not, I’m looking for the post game presser to watch and see if CBB said he wasn’t replacing any coaches

It’s up top

DC has to go. I don’t know how you can possibly justify keeping him after what he has done over the past two years. Simply horrible. CBB badly needs to change course. Actually, we may have seen the beginning of the end for him as well. Although it will probably take another mediocre year to get that done.

Clearly he knows he is bullet proof. We can’t afford to fire him and he knows it.

If fans don’t go to the games, that will get Longs attention. If we have another disappointing season then it will be up to the boosters since they will be footing the bill to get rid of him.

I hate to say it, but it’s clear the U of A, and not Alabama or Auburn, takes a lot of us for granted. If they think the fans will still show up to watch an untough, undisciplined, unmotivated, poorly coached, defense like that again, their nuts.
They didn’t look better against the run today, their 2nd back wasn’t 100%, and the 1st one was suspended. And there is NFL talent on that defense, just being horribly utilized. Agim and Pulley can play at the next level on defense.
Sometimes you lose because teams are just better than you’re, other times you lose because teams are more motivated, and are better coached than you’re. It’s pretty easy to see which one that was today.

Hey, CBB will be here for at least two more years. The stadium expansion will be completed and if fans don’t buy the high dollar seats, Long will be forced to do something.

Let’s hope Long is gone by then. The whole sports’ program is failing. Fans do not care that he is liked outside the state. It is “Long” past time that Arkansas replaces the AD.