War Memorial Stadium

I was at the Georgia game in 2014 and sat in the south end zone close to the Bulldog fans. They were in disbelief that we played at War Memorial. None of them that I was sitting near had ever been there and the size of the stadium and concessions / restrooms had the most negative comments. Some of them had been to Fayetteville for the 2009 game and didn’t understand why there was any debate. This is an unbiased viewpoint from a group of fans from another SEC school. I imagine they would just assume us keep playing in War Memorial because of the smaller crowd.

Obviously the money is a factor because of the size difference. If it was just a few hundred thousand or maybe even a million, you might could justify a game a year but it’s a lot more than that.

Home games need to be played on campus, we already give away one home game each season to play at Jerry’s world and that’s enough.
Fans can travel to Fayetteville much easier these days than back in the 1950’s - 1990’s, especially those from Central Arkansas and almost every game is televised unlike the days when families would gather around a radio broadcast, which we did.
War Memorial Stadium just doesn’t serve the Program well any longer.