Wally at WHS, Little Rock

Many thanks to Wally Hall and some of the other sports writers for their persistence on informing the rest of us the whereabouts on the Univeristy of Arkansas campus. In a recent column about the beat down the Razorbacks administered to UT in the 2000 Cotton Bowl, our “trusty scribe” advises the readers: “The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville had not won a bowl game since 1985, and it hadn’t faced the rival Texas Longhorns since leaving the old Southwest Conference.”

Without such a golden nugget of added information, I would think that most folks could have easily mistaken the reference to the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith, the University of Arkansas, Monticello, the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff or the University of Arkansas, Little Rock :roll:

As managing sports editor, Wally, you may wish to consider the meaning of superfluous, redundant and/or unnecessary content.


Yes. An indispensable service. I was almost certain it was the UAPB Razorbacks who played the University of Texas, Austin that New Year’s Day, January in the Cotton Bowl, Dallas. :smiley:

I throw up in my mouth a little bit everytime I read that. Between that and the constant scroll of ads extolling the virtue of purchasing Ole Miss season tickets the ADG disgusts me.

Wally wasn’t involved in the UAF. Not his decision.

If you are seeing any ads for Ole Miss tickets, it is through Google and is targeted based on your browsing history. We have not sold ads to Ole Miss’ ticket office, nor do I think that office would think advertising on a Razorback-affiliated website is a good use of its resources.

Okay, then I get that, RD. Actually, I don’t get it. UAF? That’s something to do with the Air Force Academy, right? :wink: I don’t intend to belittle Wally or some of the others, but in a sports related context, please enlighten me about the “wisdom” or better yet, just simply a valid reason behind providing campus geographics to the State’s longstanding flagship university?

The repetitive nature is what makes it so sickening. If it was mentioned in one article here and there for clarity, fine. But why do 90% of the articles all of a sudden have it? It’s an intentional decision that is done in such an obnoxious manner that readers doubt any 'legitimate" explanation given. The ADG ownership has an agenda and they must be accomplishing it or they would have stopped. All they are accomplishing is making a hunk of their readers so sick of it that it will slowly chase them away.

So true. Logically I could understand (but would still not agree with) an editorial decision to do this with every scool mentioned in every article/post as in the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa or the University of Florida, Gainesville but that is not the case.

Fair enough the Ole Miss ads are because of my browsing history (which I really don’t understand but, whatever) however you don’t address or explain the OP which is the constant and annoying use of "the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville " to describe what has previously been the UA or the University of Arkansas. Care to address that subject boyo?

This is an example of how out of touch the editors of the Dem-Gaz are with grass roots Arkansans.