Way too much standing around on offense, and laziness on defense, same old song

Yep, same old song…from you. Go find another team to hate on. Are you part of the “trophy” generation?

Man, that’s the way to play defense, hogs! Keep it up for the second half and we’ll win this one.


I love some of you youngsters. We’ve got a team in the future. Kingsley will be missed.

Just not shooting it very well, missing to many free throws. Good defense so far.

Vandy is going to play lights out tonight at home after the big win against Florida. Going to have to play hard nosed ball tonight.

Don’t you dare criticize this team, people will be very upset…lol

Going to have to go on a run soon.

Very soon apparently

Story of this game is we are just missing to many shots. Blown lay ups and bricking wide open 3s.

Very soon apparently

Another typical 5 minute scoring drought…signature for us

Just not our night

Nice surge but need more defensive stops. Will have to take it to the rack cause our outside shooting is not there tonight.

Like I said an hour ago, standing around on offense and no defense. Bash away homers.

Just not our night…lol. wait till next year…lol…puleeze

Horrible call Macon picked his pocket!

prediction, which I hate but accept but with Anderson…another predictable bad result

What in the world are you talking about?