Any word yet on what time the Vanderbilt game is next week?

Tulsa and Vandy morning KO…1100 am

Crap I hate that time. I guess that’s what happens when you are the worst team in the conference

I put it on the DVR, go about my day, and watch it when I want to, like Prime Time :sunglasses:

Understandably, Vanderbilt-Arkansas should be an early game. No network would want that in prime time, at least not with this year’s records. But it would seem to me that Arkansas ought to be able to request at least afternoon games, if not night games, for at least a few home games. Seems like a few years ago, LSU demanded the Alabama game in Baton Rouge be at night and got their way. I know Arkansas is not a SEC pet like Bama and LSU, and every team wants afternoon games, but if the LSU game on Nov. 10 is a morning game (three straight 11 a.m. games), that’s just plain wrong. That would be four straight 11 a.m. Fayetteville games.

Well I usually attend the games tho, that means I need to go up the day before; just kinda messes up the schedule!

I didn’t know that had already announced the time of the LSU game, that stinks!

It hasn’t. I qualified that statement with the word “if.”