Van Horn needs to go.

With the baseball team losing a game to Kent State, Coach Van Horn has clearly lost control of the team. With its other losses, the team is underachieving. Van Horn has obviously plateaued and cannot take this team any further. We, as a fan base should not be happy making the Regionals, hosting Super Regionals or even making the College World series. Where are the National Championships? We need to find a hot new up and comer who can take this team to the promise land! A message needs to be sent loud and clear. Nothing but National Championships are expected EVERY YEAR! While on the subject of coaches needing to go, Anderson needs to be run off on a rail! Returning Arkansas basketball to respectability and consistently making the Big Dance IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! ONLY NATIONAL TITLES WILL DUE! We need to find a coach the caliber of Kevin Stallings, Kevin Ollie, Mark Fox, or even Rick Pitino! Our goal is to win and win BIG! Anyone of these men could outcoach that bum Anderson.


nice rant

Is this a sarcastic post? I guess you realize all 4 of the basketball coaches you listed are likely to or have already gotten fired. So I guess they will be available…lmao at this.

Remind me, who listed basketball coaches?

Baseball Hogs currently down 4-2 in 6th to a pretty good Kent State team. DVH is one of the top 10, easily, baseball coaches in the country. This whole post is just laughable.

Well played.

Hey, you forgot the men’s track coach!!!

Just for the record, VERY SARCASTIC post.

Wow! What are your qualifications to make such a foolish comment? I guess your IQ is your shoe size. Go take a break and wake up! It early in the season and the world hasn’t ended.

Hey the guy wasn’t serious!!! He posted this as a hit against those of us who want to see MA retired.

While we’re at it, The University should move to Little Rock. Then we don’t have to worry about the UA Fayetteville stuff.

Oh! Well we have good coaches. None of them need to go anywhere.