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Okay, something is wrong here. Today, I have been getting tons of “unread posts” which are days and months old. Tired of clearing them out. What’s up Matt?

Not Matt, but Baumbastic has been locking all the old posts. When she did it, it shows them as unread.

Yea I had over 3300 of them and you can’t dismiss from a cell phone

Yes you can, scroll to the bottom of the unread list hit dismiss and it’ll give option for all.

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The Dismiss function shows on my iPhone. You just must scroll to the bottom. It may be that you need to pause in your scrolling to allow the site to continue to load the unread posts.

Oh, and one more thing, you can view Unread posts on a single forum by going to the forum and then selecting Unread from the menu. That will reduce the number of posts to be reviewed.

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