University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

I cringe every time I read in the DemocratGazette the term: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville!! Is this caused by the powers-that-be in Little Rock? I think the powers-that-be should also specify the following: University of Alabama,Tuscaloosa, LSU, Baton Rouge, University of South Caroline, Columbia, Auburn University, Auburn, University of Georgia, Athens…etc., etc., etc. I know where THE University of Arkansas is located. Do we need to start saying (as Ohio does) THE University of Arkansas?

I remember when Texas Western became The University of Texas at El Paso, East Texas State in Commerce, became UT Commerce…etc., etc., etc.! Still the media does not say The University of Texas, Austin. Are Texans smarter than us Arkies?

I guess soreheads in Little Rock are so desperate for football at THE University of Arkansas, Little Rock! Until that time, please drop the “Fayetteville”.

Could the paper instead of printing…The University of Arkansas…perhaps just save me some consternation and print…The Arkansas Razorbacks. Small thing, I know; but it gets on my nerves!!

Since you are new to these boards, I will tell you that there have been multiple complaints similar to yours.

I have yet to read any post that praises the idea. It is just plain stupid. I would think that if you have such an asinine policy, you would apply it to other schools as well (Texas A&M University, College Station; University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, etc.)

It’s abosolutely “RIDICULOUS”.
They have a problem and they really need to get over it.

Go Hogs!

I think I saw the opposite of the phenom on a game where I believe it was what we all know of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on TV. They did not say University of Louisiana at Lafayette rather Louisiana. It took me awhile to get that. Not sure what the LSU folks think about that but it would be the equivalent if UALR were to drop Little Rock and have TV and others called them Arkansas.

Regardless UA, Fayetteville is dumb. It is the flagship University of the UA system period. If it is a few crazies in LR calling this shot, then maybe they just call UALR the University of Little Rock" ULR will save them almost 25% off some marketing materials.

But during the interim, “WholeHogSports” has sold out. I get the directive, but active protests may what is needed. UA Fayetteville is NOT needed to be stated on a Razorback site. Then again if it is it the Arkansas Democrat at Little Rock maybe it makes sense.

Well I don’t think anyone was confused the first 140 years or so it was referred to only as The University of Arkansas.

A couple of editors at the ADG have a issue with the GSD and are trying to shove down our throats that the school is located in Fayetteville. We get it…stop. Geeze between this and the product on the field I’m about ready to find another team to follow.

I have written several times on this topic and could not agree more, brother. Describing the campus location for the University of Arkansas is unnecessary and redundant content and promotes poor writing practices. It’s also annoying as hell. In my opinion, the better writers on staff seldom use the superfluous reference and the others I rarely read any more to begin with. Regardless, the so-called “policy” is absolute nonsense at its finest.