University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Many thanks to the WHS writers for persistently reminding everyone where the University of Arkansas is located. Outside of the group of writers affiliated with WHS, I have never seen another local, regional or national publication explaining the campus geographics behind a Razorback sports story.

For the sake of consistency and to avoid future confusion, while writing for Whole[size=150]HOG[/size]sports and any connected publication, it would be greatly appreciated if the WHS writers can also tell us where the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, the University of Arkansas, Monticelllo, the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith and the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff are located whenever those school campuses are mentioned or written about in a Razorback article - which to date, I believe, would be never. :roll:


Feel free to email your complaint to Jason Yates at or Jeff Krupsaw at

Thanks, RD. Will do.

I agree. Did you send the email?