For many college football programs across the USA, - - - perhaps INCLUDING one or two schools in the SEC - - -, this period of time leading up to the fast approaching kickoff of the new season is the most hopeful, most optimistic, most confidently forecast, expectant victory anticipatory swaggering and posturing, rose colored glasses vista perception time of the year. EVERY program - large or small - is UNBEATEN here at the outset of the season. That distinctive, all-inclusive list of bright prospect claimants will diminish noticeably by the end of the second week in September, - - and will drastically dissipate by mid season.

We’ve heard the same hot air before

But boasting does not pad the score


And there are precious few who remember what at one time were the most famous words in Collegiate Football, by one Grantland Rice, “its not if you win or lose, but how you play the game.”

For all too many coaches in contemporary times (and all too many FANS, IMHO) it matters not how the game is played, but whether the results of the score puts the game into the “WIN” or the “LOSS” column.

“Win at ANY cost” is the unspoken mantra for a substantial percentage of modern era coaches. That’s a sad fact of life.

I can’t help myself…I wanna be 5-0 going into the bama game and then the UPSET! HOGS YA’LL.

Yep - - and I’m pretty sure that Alabama wants very much to be 5-0 coming into the game against us. We’re about seven weeks away from finding out if we get the brass ring this time - - - - or whether The Crimson Tide attaches that brass ring to our snout and hauls our ham to another frustrating defeat, extending the string.

I’m “rooting” for The Hogs. I know that you are too.

If we want to use quotes here, I’d go with Al Davis’ “Just win baby.”

I believe the last sentence to Vince Lombardi’s vision was,
“Winning Is The Only Thing”

Virtually every coach is passionate about winning. NOT EVERY COACH is willing to employ illegal, egregiously unfair tactics or unsportsmanlike conduct in order to attain the highest possible pinnacle of success… Yes, there have been numerous well documented cases wherein coaches’ manipulative shenanigans crossed the demarcation line and went out of bounds.

It essentially boils down to a question of character - and sports coaching ranks have always been festooned with characters . The fellow who cheats on his wife, cheats on his golf game, cheats at poker, cheats on his taxes, etc, etc, etc., is extremely likely to cheat in order to gain even the slightest advantage over his rivals in the pursuit of a successful livelihood.

NOT everyone does it. I am fully confident that Bielema does not do it. Personally, I take great pride in fervently believing that The Arkansas Razorbacks will fully and legitimately EARN any laurels, trophies, accolades and/or subsequent honors stemming from the measured success of our program - without the future likelihood of witnessing embarrassing disqualifications, amendments, asterisks, caveats or sanctions being punitively assessed against Arkansas… If you view this matter of consideration from a differing perspective, - - - that is your privilege. I’m from the old school; I see issues such as this one in terms of stark black and white coloration - I have an an extremely low tolerance for the temporizing compromises inherently and commonly represented by the variable shadings of gray.

Well…I really think that CBB is trying to do it all correctly snd without breaking the rules. That having been said…nobody is perfect ALL the time! Just caught up on WHS and Clay Henry assures us all that O-Line has come together. Man I sure hope so-I want us to run it right down LaTech’s throat just for practice. HOGS YA’LL.

Bielema and his coaching complement continue to make significant strides in raising the overall quality bar. The measurable progression in terms of depth chart competence over the past three seasons is obvious and laudable. I appreciate not only the continual rate of accomplishment, - - but the exemplary manner in which it has been conducted.

WOO, PIG; - - - - - SOOIE!!!

Just read more on WHS that the O-Line is pretty much set and coach Anderson is now running different combos to get to the best 8 to use in case of injuries. Also’ there have two injuries to CB’s and now we are thin there. HOGS YA’LL.