Unbelievably talented 22 recruiting class

I can see why Musselman does well in recruiting, he’s an extremely fun guy to play for. At the end of the day, it’s supposed to be fun, and his excitement and energy make it fun.

If they can somehow switch that 7 footer that’s committed to Oregon from NLR, it will undoubtedly be a #1. Recruiting class in the country by both major recruiting publications.

I think this 2021 team potentially is substantially underrated. If their big guys continue to improve in the paint, Arkansas has the best guard trio in the nation IMO. I have Arkansas as about the 5th best team in the country depending on how their big guys develop early in the season. I don’t like their early schedule. Basically their first road game is at the start of SEC play. I would have tried to put a few more road games, to start the season…

I saw a post by someone who did the math and figured out that our class would still be behind Duke’s in the rankings even if Ware were to switch.

Either way, we undoubtedly have an impressive class. If we are able to add Black (or even Ware, which seems to me very unlikely), it will just be even more so.

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I actually think Arkansas’ class is a little bit under rated. Pinion can shoot the 3 adequately, and has good rebounding skills, which will give him some POST ability, and he will lead the SEC and country in 3 pointers before he graduates. And this Derrion Ford kid is a lefty, which will throw a lot of Defenders off. And his ups are off the chart.

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