The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville? Really? Come on, Bob Holt. You know better.

I guess I don’t follow what you are getting at with this comment.

Pretty simple “University of Arkansas”

Thought I read in a thread yesterday that it is an editorial decision from the top…will be added to all ADG stories - period.

Correct. ADG has changed their style rules. First reference to UA will always be UA @ F. First reference to UALR will be UA @ LR. Even in sports stories. Write a letter to the editor if you don’t like it. I don’t, but then I don’t subscribe either.

Simple when you write your story just make reference “Arkansas Razorbacks”
It’s a pity in sports to worry about being politically correct. The hogs should be the one place we can get away from the ignorance of man in this life.
I will be just my feeling on the values of “Team Mort”.

Nice post, Army Hog. Agree.

Shouldn’t Team Mort be referred to as Team Mort at or near Tonitown? Just sayin’.

This has nothing even remotely to due with political correctness, I think that’s an inadvertent RED herring on your part.

To be frank, it seems agenda driven in the part by WH. I agree that it’s moronic and a clear put down but hopefully he will be put out to pasture soon.

In reference to team “Mort”
Read the article and you will see how I feel! The story may show you what’s really important in life.

I have worked with Mort many times… I did not mention your reference to Mort. Thanks for being condescending though, good work. I have always been polite to you.

Sunday’s paper was full of blasphemes. Who in the Hell puts a kentucky player on the front page of the sports page when you have stories about another Hog road win and a baseball win? Incredible!

The Arkansas Gazette is a rag!

I was just trying to add a sense of humor to the whole UA@F scenario. I obviously failed. I agree with you richly. Life is about something much more important than practically everything on this message board, and Team Mort is a reminder of that.

Firewalls and soarhog
I did not mean to be rude with the way I expressed that! You both have have made only positive points on this board.
The reference to the front page of the paper Sunday I would not know because I stopped that waste of money years ago. That the most pitiful excuse for a newspaper I have ever seen! I could care less about Kentucky or Florida.
Several years when Keith Carter from Perryville played for Ole Miss he was not offered by the hogs. I followed him at many times I wished he would have been a Hog! With these last two they were offered and went else where. Back years ago kids from Arkansas would never leave for another school if offered by the hogs. Man how times have changed!

Yes, indeed.