Living in Texas, I find it almost comical that some UA sportswriters or perhaps their respective publications have seemingly now decided to refer to the “University of Arkansas” as the “University of Arkansas at Fayetteville”. Give me a break Wally at WHS, etal, but what exactly is the point?

There are too many schools in Texas under the UT banner to count. I could be wrong, but don’t recall ever seeing the state flagship university being referred to as the University of Texas at Austin in a sports related article. By the same token, I don’t remember ever being confused in a sports story about a reference to the University of Arkansas possibly meaning the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

I am just curious, really. On the sporting news front, the whole thing seems somewhat ridiculous and connived to possibly create divisiveness in a state having an undivided attention and loyalty toward the University of Arkansas.

Woo Pig.

Very well stated from a hog fan in Texas!
It seems like a lot of people point this whole mess to Wally. Even though Wally apparently doesn’t care for the hogs I trust that the sportswriter on this have wrote this came from above Wally.
This confirms the thought of hog fans from all over the state.

I live in Fayetteville and calling The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville seems like these writers
are trying to cause confusion for the Arkansas fanbase. Are they trying to divide us? We are the University of Arkansas…The one and only! The Hogs belong to the people of ARKANSAS. This has been bugging me for awhile. The U of A , thats it!

I would agree, Arkie.

The University of Arkansas has one of the most unique and undivided fan bases in the country. For the most part, the entire state supports the Razorbacks and in my opinion, from the outside looking in, that’s pretty cool.

Suddenly now deciding to refer to the University of Arkansas in a sporting news context as the UA@F is almost as laughable as it is unnecessary. As a Razorback fan for more years than I would care to admit, it seems to me that there may be something else driving this silly nonsense.

Perhaps Wally Hall and the other sportswriters should now be referred to as Wally @ WHS [Little Rock] and so on. :wink:

Woo Pig.

FWIW, it wasn’t Wally’s decision. The decision came from above.

Stupid decision. Are the ignorant powers that be going to have you call Bama “The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa” ? Will Wisconsin be “The University of Wisconsin at Madison”? Ridiculous.

I had heard that and my intent wasn’t to mock or fuss at Wally, but rather, to take an easy jab at WHS, etal. I am sure that those you’ve mentioned “above” have a reason, good or otherwise, though the whole UA@F thing seems unnecessary and very misplaced, in my opinion. Best regards, RD.

Totally agree, DawgTown.

I can’t hardly believe the decision from above line. Walter has been known to hold a little grudge. Decision from above to have a ky player on the front page when the story about his school was on page 8? Iwould think being the “Sports Editor” Walter would have his hands all in that.

DemGaz folks seem to be jerks about this. If they are going to refer to us this way then they need to be consistent as in:

University of Notre Dame at South Bend
University of Slippery Rock at Slippery Rock
University of Southern California at Los Angeles
Youngstown State University at Youngstown
University of Central Arkansas at Conway
University of Nevada, Las Vegas at Las Vegas

This would allow them to pad their sports page with even more useless information…

totally agree…so annoying

Why is it a secret as to who gave this direction? I’m sure they have a reasonable explanation.

Because it just wasn’t one person. I have an idea who, but not a 100%.

Asa :wink:

I mean, really, Wally? One of the most forced examples yet.

"Arkansas’ shot selection could have been better, and when another bad shot was missed, the Rebels cashed in and tied it 62-62. But another bad University of Arkansas, Fayetteville shot was answered by Ole Miss’ 13th turnover, "

Seems like a senile “Control-F” moment. We could understand if this were simply from out-of-state reporters, but the inelegant, forced use of the moniker from our own reporters is ridiculous. And not once did Wally refer to Ole Miss as “Ole Miss, Oxford”. This smacks of a power play directive form someone who needs to demonstrate his authority in editorial matters.

I hope the idiot who made the decision ends up in a soup line. Unemployed.
If it’s the owner they should know that hog fans pay money to get on these boards and when that money stops like it has for that poor miserable excuse for a newspaper they can close the doors!