UA Basketball NCAA Tourney History

Google our NCAA Tourney History and it will tell you all you need to know about the Razorbacks fall from prominence from the national stage.

Coach Sutton put the program on solid national footing during the 70’s through the mid 80’s. Multiple SWC Championships and NCAA Tourney trips.
Coach Richardson built upon his success and took us to multiple SWC & SEC titles and eventually a National Championship in 94 and runner up in 95.

From 1996-2016 the Hogs have made 9 NCAA Tourney appearances with a 6-9 record and only in 96 winning 2 games to advance past the opening weekend.

Arkansas has to understand how to build a successful program in today’s college basketball landscape and that starts with recruiting players that will fit our scheme. Having said that, I continue to go back to what UNLV great told Coach Richardson during a game during the Day, Mayberry and Big O era which were some really good teams. Larry Johnson told Coach Richardson that he better go find himself some “MEN”. Point was taken and led to our roster in 94 & 95.

That’s the blueprint if we can just go get it done we could get back to respectability.

Go Hogs!