BB loses again to A&M and fans come on the scene to comfort themselves and others. “It’s really not that bad” “We had our chances” “We will still do well the rest of the season” “We will never recruit like Bama so we can’t expect to have 10 wins” “We are only a few plays away from winning” “Our future looks bright” "Our kids don’t get into trouble"ect… I really have no problems with these statements if this were year 2. This is year 4 and we are seeing the same comments over again after a loss.

So, not only does Bama own us, so does A&M. When are you tired fans going to have some higher expectation of our team? When are you going to get tired of 7-8 wins…which is where I think we will may end up… ??? Frankly, I am tired of excuses. BP proved that this program can win. We should now expecting coaches to come in and do the same thing. If you fans can’t agree with that then you will forever be stuck in the mud of mediocrity. Would you expect that from the job you work for? Would you expect that from yourself when you are doing a job? If you had work done at your house or on your appliances does mediocrity good for you? What about work done on your car? In every aspect of our own lives we strive to be excellent. At least those of us who have pride in ourselves. Are we perfect? NO But our effort should show in what we do. If you boss gets mediocre work from you year after year, you won’t get 4 years, you will be gone because of lack of productivity. I am tired of the same lame ole excuses. The season is not over yet. BB better right the ship and quickly or in my opinion he needs to be gone. I am tired of average, mediocre seasons and the excuses of having good kids for keeping him as a HC.

I have quoted this before. Coaches get hired to do many things but it all comes down to winning not graduation rates and kids not getting into trouble. Is it important to have those things and win games sure. Seems we are getting these so called uncommon men that have good character. Which by the way we tend to forget these “young men” are still developing into men. Therefore, they are not men. I have a 19 year old at home. (Still have some growing up to do) Never the less, having good character kids are great but we pay BB to win games. He has failed at producing a successful season. Well, that depends on what some of you fans call success. It’s not 7-8 wins. If he doesn’t win 9-10 this year he should be toast. PERIOD.

You’re making an argument from hyperbole. What you call excuses, I call perspective. I’ve made no excuses for this team. The better team won and that’s that. But to discuss different aspects of the game that either should have been done better or show where we were successful, shouldn’t be discounted.

Considering the Bielema has grown the win total every year he’s been here, it is unwise to label his tenure as a failure or to look to the past because it’s not happening as fast as you would like.

And please, can people stop bringing Petrino into the discussion? We lost, lets move on and look to Alcorn, not backwards to BP. I swear if you are going to keep bring him up, why don’t we just keep going back to all the coaches that have had success here? Hatfield, Holtz, Broyles? Why aren’t we looking to get another Frank Broyles since he IS the only coach to win us a NC? There is simply no point and looking backwards.

Yeah please please please dont bring Petrino into this… BC you have NO arguement if we do. He set the bar. The bar that Berts lard self can’t hurdle. Winning more games each and every year isn’t too difficult when you start out 0-13. But you keep that little nugget to yourself don’t ya ?

You are NOT a fan. You are a poser. Do you work for Jeff Long or Bert or are you a paid media member ? BC there’s no way you are a fan. NO FREAKING WAY. NO fan would trade Petrino for Bert. Not one with half a brain. Maybe thats it.

There you go again Jderre

There you go again hog584. Bringing NOTHING to the table.