typical p train

no d.
smokes the cupcakes
can’t win the big one
good not great
lsu bound

If Arkansas gave up a long kick off return that led to a td, had a costly false start, and threw a pass short of a first down on fourth down, the CBP fans would be talking about how horrible the coaching was and how those types of things would never happen to a CBP coached team.

When they came back and took the lead, I was fully expecting to see a whole thread on why “Bert Sucks.” Now that they lost, I’m waiting for the CBB guys to return the favor.

I don’t relate to that coach fanboy tripe that has infested this board over most of the last month. Much less over a person who left this program nearly five years ago under very undesirable conditions. It was all flaming by disturbed souls. Glad their P-train ride flamed out. He probably still has a loss at Houston up his sleeve. I don’t care about Louisville football or the ACC in general. I do have close relatives that live in Nova. Been up through there driving many times. Therefore a little interest in VT, but not much.

Oh the CBB guys have more class than that.
Uh er sometimes!