BI-I-I-I-IG   TROUBLE

                                    REALLY   BIG   TROUBLE


All part of the plan. We’re trying to lul TCU into thinking we are weak at QB. All part of the plan my friend. Worked like a charm.

I’ve said all summer I was worried, but we won. So, I’m gonna say La Tech was better than we thought. After watching the “TOP 10” teams, I think we have a chance next week. I’m a Beilemer :lol:

It definitely was not what we where wanting to see. But, I think AA looked good at times and bad at times. I thought the running game was solid, but underused at times, like when we got into the redzone in the 2nd quarter. The secondary was suspect for sure. But, the defense as a whole did what they had to do. The Oline , specifically the LG position, was a complete disaster. All that being said, the way the rest of the SEC has played and faired this week we should take the win and get to work. :mrgreen:

NONE of the SEC teams I saw in action today looked like world beater overachievers. I know, - - I know, - - it was the first game of the season for everyone; but the first game has equal importance - and counts just as much in the record book - as do the others that follow.

One might put a positive spin on a 200 meter track event participant’s performance by saying,“Well, Speedy Gonzales was slow coming out of the blocks, and was five meters behind his nearest competitor at the 100 meter mark, - - but he had closed to within 2 meters of the eventual winner at the finish line”. Some might call such an achievement a “moral victory”; I’d call it a loss.

I’m currently flipping back and forth between Bama and AUB. I’m worried about Bama, they are a lot better than they were last year. They have a good “Bama” team and appear to have a $Cam at QB.

Bama looked awesome. They looked like they deserved their #1 ranking. I figured Clemson would steamroll Auburn, - - but I think the score is only 13-3 heading into the 4th quarter. Clemson looks to be quite capable of tacking on at ;east a couple more touchdowns late, however.

This season may prove to be a strange, unsettling one for a number of SEC teams.

I FERVENTLY hope and pray that we did not witness The Hogs “A” game earlier this evening; should that unhappy prospect manifest itself to be the factual case, then we’re in for a considerable amount of misery before we get to Missouri.

I agree. I think we have been given a lot of kool-aid and we all lapped it up. Where was that vastly improved secondary that can play man with anyone? All I saw was some variance of what looked like a prevent defense which we all know prevents nothing. We have problems with pass block protection in the O-line big time. Obviously some younger players just have not put it together yet. AA has started out like his brother did at this point in his career; throwing interceptions especially when it was not necessary. Even the commentators mentioned that Skip Holtz said that he coached his team that AA always stares down his receivers, so the word is out on how to defense AA on pass situations. Questions did not get answered after all. I think this means that we need to rethink where this team really is in its development.

Bama could have beat the Packers yesterday.

I am not happy about the Oline because I expected much better. I saw the Olineman in confusion and that included everyone other than Ragnow and Skipper. It was a disaster early but the oline gelled in their first game. The run blocking improved dramatically so now the pass blocking is the isolated major problem. LaTech threw everything at us they could find through Skip and Lou’s contacts. I guarantee you that Lou had film sent to buddies to review and give skip ideas. We saw some very exotic stuff that others will try to use BUT we have now been exposed to it and can practice against it.

The run game stabilized us and Enos didn’t take forever to stop being too pass happy like last year. They had an All-American Safety that we won’t see every week, and he was the worst case scenario for a new QB. AA has to stop staring down receivers because Safeties like Woods or Sams on LaTech can make you pay.

It is obvious our secondary still has decision making issues. The press coverage was not evident, but there was less cushion on the corners, but more importantly the cushion is still too much on the slot WR. Some defenses leave the slot with a wide cushion with have help from the safeties. Our safeties did not react quick enough. LaTech threw everything at us they could find but we made it easy by letting #5 have too much cushion in the slot. #5 is a Stud WR.

LaTech had 2 very good WRs on the watchlist. They had a RS FR QB starting that we took way too lightly. LaTech has a great QB for the next 3 years and they are going to be solid. LaTech loaded up with some great transfers to replace the lost players. I feel that LaTech will make this game look much better as they win a lot of games this year.

Our LB depth was not evident because I did not see any backups give Ellis and Dre any rest. It was a tight game so that may have been the influence. Our Dline looked good enough for a first game. The LaTech QB was able to get rid of the ball to a WR in a flash, so our Dline did not have much time to get to him. Randy Ramsey showed the speed we have been hearing about.

Yep- I expected a couple AA mistakes. CBB walked up to the microphone and stated that the coaches were part of the problem. It was almost predictable except I thought the coaches got away from the run game there for a while hence the closer than I thought score. HOPEFULLY- the coaches will learn that lesson and be better prepared for TCU. HOGS YA’LL.

Don’t forget that AA overcame a bunch of Exotic stuff thrown at him in his FIRST start. Brandon would not have made that 4th-8 TD pass to Sprinkle during his Soph or JR years. Brandon would not have over come the early interceptions as well either. LaTech exposed some weaknesses before we got to TCU, so at least we can work on them BEFORE we play TCU. TCU will still throw stuff at us but we will be prepared for a bunch of exotic stuff. We played awfully vanilla on both sides of the ball.

Silverfox-how much trouble are we in? I say it will be another nail-biter and we win by 3 points. HOGS YA’LL.

I’m not pleased with the OL either! I want BIG UGLIES-not BIG LETDOWNS! Man I want run it down TCU’s throat and then gash them with play-action passing clock control. It COULD be a beautiful thing. HOGS YA’LL.

I’m not a qualified analyst - just a dyed-in-the-wool Hogs fan, like you. Based upon what I saw of both Arkansas and TCU last Saturday, I give a slight defensive edge to the Hogs and a slightly more definitive offensive edge to the Horned Frogs. I fear that the Hogs will be unable to match their offensive production well enough to offset a supposed slight defensive advantage.

I"m sorry to have to say it - - and I pray that I’m wrong - - but I foresee TCU winning by 17 to 24 points.

rzbkertn nailed this prediction quite well.

rzbkertn, my hat is off to you for your astute analytical skills. You’re the MAN!!!