Treylon Burks

Honestly, I don’t blame the kid, he’s not just someone that’s going to get drafted, and do nothing, and barely make the 53, he’s going to potentially be a Pro Bowl WR at the next level. If he’s available when we pick, he’ll be wearing one of our uniforms for sure…

I understand the business aspect of Treylon Burks decision not to play in the Outback Bowl . He is a gifted athlete and according what’s reported here a fine individual and teammate. Having said that, I have a different point of view, generally on players not participating in bowl games. These players have an obligation to both the college and their teammates to fulfill commitment they entered into voluntarily. Beyond that, there are examples of individuals who risked much to fulfill a commitment. The actor Jimmy Stewart put his career on hold to fly combat in WW2. Pat Tillman did the same with a professional football career, becoming a Ranger and paying the ultimate price. There are numerous others. Granted a bowl game isn’t the same serving ones country in time of need, however, I think the character principles are analogous; honor, integrity, obligation commitment. Those virtues may not have the flare of a large pro contract and the potential for pro bowl achievement, nor are they popular viewpoint in todays culture. Certainly, however, it is possessing these personality traits that create self worth for a well spent life. Since insurance against injury is available, incentive to help these individuals do the right thing is an option. Never quit.

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