Trevis Hopper

Did we lose him? And if so, does anyone know why he decommitted?

Yes, he has decomitted from Arkansas as of yesterday’s reporting at SecCountry web site.
As for why, perhaps if one looks at the Power 5 programs that have offered him since we got to him early it will clear things up.
Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, Louisville, Miami, MSST, Tennessee?
Be honest, if you were a kid not from Arkansas and these are options where would you go, especially those first three schools mentioned?

Go Hogs!

R.D. said in another thread that he’d heard the young man is leaning toward Memphis.

I wish him well, wherever he decides to go. Personally, I don’t want ANY recruit to come to Arkansas who does not WANT to come to Arkansas. That’s not sour grapes, - - that’s just realism.