If a player on the roster transfers out before school begins, does that not allow a walk on or other to go on scholarship and not count against next years numbers.

A walk-on could go on scholarship without counting against the 25 if he’s been here two years. Before that, he’d have to count against the 25 limit. That’s to prevent schools from stashing people as walk-ons with the promise of a scholarship later to get around the 25 limit.

But if you didn’t have 25 in your signing class to begin with, no reason not to go ahead, give the kid the scholie and count him in the 25.

I used to know the rules, but have not kept up. I remember there used to be several academic scholarship guys around but I think that is no longer allowed.

Basically, if you ever play in a game, you can’t be on academic scholarship. The only exception is what we might call the Kikko Haydar rule. Kikko was completely unrecruited as a basketball player and clearly was an academic standout, getting his scholarship completely because of brains and not because he could shoot the 3. Thus he was able to play varsity ball while on an academic ride. You can have academic scholarship kids on the scout team, but if you’re gonna think about giving them some PT (even in blowouts), they have to be on the 85 list or give up the scholarship, except for the Kikko exception.