So how many players are leaving the SS Sinking ship?

Per the numbers that have left the team already we will need about eight more players to leave the program in order to sign 29.
We don’t yet have confirmation on Chevin Calloways status.
Three Juniors have put their names in for NFL draft evaluation, but I doubt any of those will get the type of draft grade that would lead most to leave for early draft entry, but you never know.
Coaches need to focus on locking in the commits and make a hard sale for a couple of JUCO O-Linemen as well as possible flip the LB currently committed to Tennessee to Arkansas. Obviously, signing Kelly Bryant would be a major upgrade at QB for the Razorbacks 2019 season, but if that doesn’t happen the coaches should be prepared to be on someone else.

Go Hogs!

We have several QBs that could transfer. However, they could play other positions. The QB was usually the best player on a team so Frank Broyles would sign a lot of QBs and play them as defensive backs or other positions.

Different time and era in college football when Coach Broyles May have signed multiple QB’s and then played them at different positions.
I don’t really see where on this roster Ty Storey, Daulton Hyatt or Cole Kelley would be plugged into another position and be a regular contributor in the SEC.
Kelley at TE would be behind O’Grady, Gunter and Henry so he’s not going to see playing time.
Ty I don’t believe is a candidate to move to any other position.
Daulton at 6’4, 200lbs, 4.6 40 time could possibly still be in the mix at QB if he can take steps forward or with that size maybe ats a slot receiver and red zone target if he and the coaches are willing to give it a try.

Go Hogs!

If he is fast enough, John Stephen Jones is smart enough and quick enough to be an excellent defensive back. I don’t know if Cole Kelley would see much playing time at TE, but he has the size to play on the line and would be a better than average athlete there.