Tough week for Diamond Hogs

I finally got to watch all the replays from this weekend’s games. It was a rough week going 2-3, but we did play well for the most part. I got to see some weaknesses and some strengths of this team. I know that these young Hogs have talent and bats to burn. If and when our more experienced bats come alive we will be an offensive juggernaut. Guys like Bonfield, Cole, Spanberger, and Shaddy must get it rolling at the plate. Shady really came alive this week. He was the tourney MVP. The other 3 must catch up. As for our bullpen, there is a lot to like and some big concerns. The biggest worry is the DVH may have to set Campbell down for the season with injury. Along with McKinney, that will be 2 of our weekend starters out for the year… brutal. But the emergence of Trevor Stephan is a huge lift. We need Tacc to get it together to become our Sunday starter or we will struggle on Sundays for the rest of the year. All and all it was a mixed bag this weekend but this team is still pretty strong.

Yes it is. We may learn just how tough this team is. It’s hard to replace 2 top pitchers that are suppose to be in your ratation. The young players will have to step up and perform. Let’s hope for the best. It could be a blessing in long run.
I appreciate your updates on the board during games. Your a true hog fan! Helping other hogs fans. Your a good man Hogs Breathe. Thank you!

Thanks for the kind words Army…Hog Nation!!! WPS

The field conditions for the OSU game were horrendous. That being said, The Hogs also looked horrendous! However our RPI is in good shape at #19. Need to win all 5 this week. 1 down 4 to go.

Yeah the OSU game was just nasty. But, DVH said his team had no fire on Sunday. He said he thinks he put to much on them with the schedule this week so early in the season. We do need to grab at minimum 4 out of 5 for sure this week. I just hope they don’t rough up my alma mater ULM too badly… lmao. WPS!!!