Tough road game next week @WKU

That team will definitely be dancing, and they have tremendous size… Arkansas will have to play fantastic to pull the upset on the road up there in KY.

Jamario Bell can ball a little bit, can definitely give Arkansas some physical presence in the paint, and he can play also…

I hope he can give a few minutes at least. Bassey is a beast.

I hope he does what Marcus Monk did against Blake Griffin

Yeah, Bassey and Savage both dominated Arkansas last yr in BWA, and they’re both back. WKU is everyone’s pick to win the CONF USA. And obviously Rick Stansbury is a very experienced coach, probably one of the top 25 coaches in the nation…IMHO…

Tremendous challenge for Arkansas!

Great to see Bell come out, wish him the best and who knows with our lack of size he may make a impact right away. WPS