Tough game tomorrow night..

This A&M squad will be out for revenge, they hate Ark already, and they have outstanding inside and outside game. Arkansas’ big men have to compete against Tyler Davis and DJ Hogg. And Arkansas’ fan base is terrible during the weekday games. Andy Griffith gets over at 1630, and they go to bed…No fan support during the week, so it will be a tough game…

As a regular at home games, that’s not necessarily true. In conference on any week day game is usually pretty good. Wednesday games the turnout will be less for reasons I’ve given before and don’t want to repeat. I myself will be late to the game, but will be there.

DJ Hoog is out injured. They are still a dangerous team. Strong inside and can shoot and knock some shots down if not guarded. They are young! We can not allow them to own their offensive back board. By the numbers we have a better FG % , 3 PT % and Free Throw % than they do. If you look at all the numbers we should win. We just can’t forget what took place at Missouri the night the stars lined up and Missouri shot our of their mind and won. This is a game we should win we need to jump on them and put them away early don’t let them hang around.

need to jump on them early and they are likely to fold. with Hogg out their guard play is suspect after Gilder. Davis is solid, but its the other big man who scares me more. i know Kingsley can shut down either, or, we need Thompson to continue his inspired play. our newfound zone defense should limit their inside touches. my guess is Barford has big game, they dont really have match up for his strength and size at the guard spot. if Hannahs or Macon gets hot, this game could very much go like the Ole Miss game. i know its asking alot of this team, but if they simply keep their focus we are a good team.

with the way Barford and Macon are playing i dont know if i would trade them for Monk, given the choice. especially knowing we only get one year of Monk and likely 2 from the former. go hogs, keep your foot down.

sometimes the grass isnt greener, its just grass

I would not trade any of our players for “Monk”. The players we have wanted to be Hogs. Monk did not!
We have several guards that could get hot tonight and lead the team in scoring. I’d like to see Hannah, Beard, Bardford, Macon and Watkins score in double figures.
I would also like to see Mosses and Trey get some help from Thomas and Cook.
Bailey may also show some flashes tonight.
It would be nice for CJ Jones and Hazen to get in and play well too. That would mean we put the game away. If Holmes hits a 3 the crowd would go nuts! That’s Hog ball when every player get to play.

your right army, its evident every player on this team chose to be here and wants to be here. i know this game probably isnt a good one to try this, but id like to see a 5 man lineup on court that includes Barford, Macon, Hannahs, Beard and Thompson. spread the floor around Thompson and let him find an open shooter or cutter. as adept as his passing is it could be a high scoring lineup. i want some opinions on who is our leader on the floor/player wise. for my money its Beard, he seems to be the one everybody looks to and respects.

Nice win. Now let’s see if we can finish the season like legit NCAA tourney teams do.