Tough game tomorrow against Mizzou

This team has good guard play, and they can go in the paint with Tilmon. Their guard Mark Smith #13 can knock down the trey at pretty close to 50%. It will be a challenge, they’re not the most talented team in the SEC, BUT NO ONE PLAYS HARDER THAN THEY DO… No one in CBB plays harder than they do, I don’t know if they take it easy at practice or what, but come tip time, no team in CBB plays harder than MIZZOU, they have a lot of energy…

That is what should be said about Arkansas every year.

They can’t shoot. If Arkansas shoots a good percentage they won’t be able to run their break where they like to get to the basket and force you to foul them. A half court game kills them. I think the only way Hogs could lose this game would be to just have a terrible day shooting.

That’s silly, their 3 pt game is excellent, Mark Smith is hitting nearly 50%, and they hustle. Those guards from Chicago on their roster, can absolutely shoot, either you’re not paying attention, or haven’t scouted the opponent well. Mizzou literally out hustles teams to victory.

I agree that Missouri hustles but still say they can’t shoot. They beat Arkansas today because we shot poorly and had no answer for Tilmon. Mizzou shot less than 59 percent with Tilmon getting about 6 dunks. Their shooting otherwise was bad. We just shot worse which is what I said would have to happen to lose this game.

Mark Smith played terrible except for rebounding our bricks. I’m not impressed at all with him. Their point guard Pinson is a player and usually Dru Smith is solid but he played bad today. We basically allowed two guys to beat us.

They shot less than 50 percent not 59.

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