I had my freshly-popped buttered popcorn and my iced down 2 liter bottle of Pepsi in the ice bucket, my red Razorbacks tee shirt and my red Hogs emblazoned sleep pants on, and was kicked back into my LazyBoy rocker recliner only to discover that the SEC alternate channel (596 on Dish here in southeastern Oklahoma) had BLACKED OUT the game!!!

May the SEC programming directors all contract shingles! May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits! May they all experience the intimate embrace of an enraged grizzly! May their mega million lottery tickets be one digit off the jackpot winning number! May credit card hackers leave them many thousands of dollars in debt for esoteric escort service fees and vacations to Acapulco.

I am NOT a happy camper!


Just so you know if that happens they still get a million :?

May they lose that million at the Blackjack tables in Lost Wages!

Tell us how you REALLY feel!

Especially when it’s a sellout.

I am watching the game on my computer, WatchESPN, give it a try.

Did you check 597? I watched the game on597. I’m on the west coast, the dish web site said 596 but the game was shown on 597.

You didn’t miss much, the game is being replayed twice on the SEC network, Monday and Wed.


Did you try 597? Worked for me.

I did NOT try channel 597. - - - -

            • Now I feel rather like the gray matter challenged athlete from a certain country who won a gold medal, - - - and then proceeded to have it bronzed in commemoration.


thank you!!! I needed that laugh. Remember…597