Top 10

Top 10 worst games since JLS/Bert era:

  1. North Texas - massive Thumping
  2. ULM - We were ranked #10
  3. Colorado St - Blowing a 27-9 lead mid 3rd Q
  4. Auburn (56-3) - Gus had to enjoy that one
  5. Coastal Carolina - 39-38 come from behind “win”
  6. Toledo - Just pitiful
  7. La Tech - “winning” 21-20 with a little luck
  8. Losing to SC and Bama in consecutive weeks by 104 - 7
  9. Losing to Rutgers anytime, we did twice
  10. Losing to Va Tech

There could be more unfortunately with all the big leads we’ve blown and this could have been a separate thread, but that too would have been depressing.

I’m looking forward to a compilation of the “Top Ten BEST”, - - - starting two weeks from today.


ULM trumps north Texas no doubt. The UNT loss wasn’t unexpected. ULM is the last time I ever set foot in War Memorial.

This year is not last year; - - or any of the previous years. This Hogs team composition is not the same as that of last year. Neither this current Hogs team nor this current Hogs coaching staff is responsible for any of the sorry debacles of the past.

I view this coming season as the initial season in a new era of expanding Arkansas Razorbacks prosperity, with no tethered ties to disappointments and shortcomings of the past… If you don’t see it that way, that’s your privilege.

I just listed the games,. I hope you’re right. we all should be soooo tired of this for the last 10 years.

I gotcha. I didn’t mean to imply criticism. I am SO in hopes that this season marks a resurgence in Razorbacks prosperity.