Top 10 Keys to Victory?

Clay Henry is a very gifted writer, but I don’t think the keys to victory in Bama land are necessarily ten in number, though they may be much more problematic.

  1. A much improved, cohesive and physical offensive line, providing both pass protection and some needed “strain” and “grind” on running plays, as we were lead to believe existed;

  2. A defense that will "strain"and “grind” to cover, rush, swarm and tackle on every play for four quarters;

  3. A “special teams” unit, which has seemingly been coached and is [even] close to being special;

  4. In recalling the 2014 Missouri fiasco, a quarterback, who is truly healthy and “ready to go” - be it AA or whomever;

  5. A few good hops, bounces and smiles from the football gods on Saturday.

Woo Pig.

With due respect, I think you can just pass on the “top 10 keys to victory” this and next week. Waste of time.

Sadly, I cannot argue with that, seeker.

In the event that we are both right, Mike Leach or the functional equivalent, please apply.

I’ve said it in another but it bears repeating, I would love to have Mike Leach as our head coach.

I know he is a west coast/semi-west coast kind of guy that’s had some inland experience. OC at Ky and OU and obviously was at TT as HC for about ten years.

Think he was born in northern California, and raised I think in Wyoming. Graduated from BYU but didn’t play football there. Be a perfect fit in NWA. Could we be that blessed?

No idea there, seeker. Yet, Mike Leach, be it right, middle or left coast, is a winner. Assuming we beat Alabama tomorrow, it isn’t an issue. Otherwise?

There will be no hog victory at Alabama. Perhaps top ten keys to avoid total embarrassment. One important key will be to keep the clock running to lessen the total humiliating route.

Got it.

I don’t believe we have any keys to a victory today against Alabama.
They better just hope their are several keys to the first responders vehicles because I think we will lucky to come away from this game without having several injured Hogs.
Two Top 25 upsets last night, I doubt if their will be many more today and if we happened to beat Alabama that would be the upset of the year by far.

Prediction: Tide - 52, Hogs - 7.

I think you’re right. Remembering years past, watching Bama “late hit” our QBs all night long without penalty.

I don’t think AA will finish the game because of his willingness to hold the ball too long.

As with BA in Columbia a few years ago, AA shouldn’t be anywhere near the field unless he’s !00% healthy. Bielema prides himself with the health and safety of his players.

Otherwise, I agree.

Let Kelley and Story get some reps against a great offense. Let every offensive lineman within the two deep get game experience. Keep AA off the field for now. Maybe he’ll heal some and come back next week but he has taken too many hits and needs a break. If you really think he is the one this year then keep him out of this game or else lose him for good, I’d predict.

I won’t be watching and hope the injury report tomorrow is limited to a few season ending injuries rather than death.

Just score more than Alabama

The only problem is CBB is a gentleman. He does not want to embarrass the Tide on their own home. So a LOSS is close to automatic as it can be under CBB