Top 10 key reasons for TCU victory

Just had a State of the Hogs article, but I can’t read it so I made my own:

  1. Press coverage or change up defense - If they are gonna throw the ball in 2-3 seconds what good does it do to rush four?
  2. Pass blocking - AA needs to be able to look downfield and/or have the dump off.
  3. No turnovers/costly penalties - A key for any team even though we haven’t been badly pentalized in BBs tenure.
  4. Control the clock - We did that against LATech. Can’t bank on the opposition missing FGs.
  5. We score TDs in red zone
  6. Tackle the guy, don’t whiff
  7. Make FGs
  8. Special teams kickoff coverage (God forbid we get a touchback) - If they are gonna get the ball at the 35 or 40 we may as well try onside kicks all the time.
  9. Coaching and play calling

Amen on number 8, kickoffs are so frustrating to watch.

OK I get it #10 is fill in the blank. Well…#10)RUN BLOCKING-We must run down their fast lightweight throats if we are to win and control the game.HOGS YA’LL.