Told you

CBB will never beat Bama. I will be glad when this fan base gets tired of making excuses. Or either tired of losing. If it is not embarrassing you enough now what does it take. Getting beat by 60. Oh wait this game is not over yet. Giving up 35 points in the first half. It’s so sad it’s laughable. lololololol. Maybe now the fan base will decide it’s time to move forward with a new coach and expect more from out team than this garbage.

This team is definitely not an improvement from last year or the year before. This is what will happen. Bielema will fire his DC and maybe 1 or 2 more. If next year things are not better then our AD will need to make a hard decision. In this league, if you’re not getting better, then you are falling behind your competition.

Worst half of defensive football I’ve ever seen. We couldn’t stop a stiff wind! I’ve lost track of the number of missed tackles. Poor fundamentals – points right to the coaches. DC needs to go. The sooner the better. And, he can take most of his “outstanding” coaching staff with him.

I would like to see a DC who attacks more. Our new OL coach has not impressed me at all! And all that talk about our DL being a strength was just talk. Never liked having a converted DL moved to OG. Never liked Raulerson at RG and I think Jackson is better. I don’t know what they do at practice but it’s not tackling drills!

I think it’s hilarious you guys actually expect or expected championship level play based in last year’s play and this year’s recruiting class. What planet are you from that you expect that kind of change at Arkansas? Bobby, Houston, not anyone in last 50 years has done it. What made this year so different around hat made you demand an achievement of epic glory. Haven’t you seen this team struggle all year? It’s 8-4 WITH some lucky breaks. Really and note we need linebackers and some Oline guys that apparently aren’t on campus.

I never expected to win this game but we still can’t tackle and our OL play sucks. Our recruiting of OL has gone down with a coach who advertises how well he treated OL. I expected this year we would be competitive after Bielema"s 4th year but we have taken a step back so that is what I’m thinking!!

It is not Bielema’s fault. He is doing his best which is about average for SEC coaches. Mostly our loses are due to Arkansas being small state with a poor recruiting base.

It is very difficult for Arkansas to get an outstanding coach. We had one in Petrino but our overly religious AD foolishly fired him over a little sex. Something most highly successful men sometimes do. It is almost impossible for Arkansas to hire a coach as talented as Petrino so we may as well be happy with Bielema.

You think he was fired because he had extramarital sex? Hilarious.

No we just expect to be competitive. Not blown out at home and flat out embarrassed. I guess that’s okay with you. At least Bobby had us ranked in the top 10. We are about to be out of the top 25 and we will lose next week too.

Oh please, what has Petrino done to prove he is as “Great” as you all say? He got ranked in the top 10 because of his “Big” win against FSU. That is it. How awesome does that win look now, aye?

Yes, let’s talk about embarrassing. Let’s talk about Petrino’s last game at Arkansas against #1. LSU #1 and Arkansas #3, we lose 41-17. My favorite memory is of LSU outscoring us 41-3 in the last 3 quarters. Then Petrino on camera, in the fourth quarter, screaming across the way, at the top of his lungs “F#@& You” to Les Miles. And then Les Miles laughing at him. Yeah, we need that back to “right the ship”. :roll:

With defense like this the Hogs would not beat Alabama in ten tries. The O-Line is inadequate to win against an elite SEC team as well. A valiant effort considering those two major inherent handicaps. We do not need stinking character Petrino back as these threads are always turned by trolling jerks. We need a new series of assistant coaching hires starting at O-Line and across the defense. If that does not drastically improve this team over the next couple of years, Bielema must go. Arkansas had coaches in decades past that could field strong lines on both sides of the lines of scrimmage and a strong back 7 on defense. I remember Broyles always put his best players on defense. Broyles said the defense was what won games. He was right.

Agreed, just not sold on the current O-line coach, or the DC. Have to get more pressure and cause disruptive plays on defense. I do know that Greenlaw being gone was very hurtful tonight. Scoota was just not ready to make plays for us. That being said, we are 4-2 midway through the season. CBB needs to do what he does best and have a huge late season push.

CBB will for certain have to definitely hit the junior college ranks hard for some very impactful players for the OL and DL at almost every position to contend for an SEC title next year. This is highly unavoidable if is he is to beat Bama, Fl, and A&M next year. We have a great QB to build around for his senior season next year. If the Hogs can beat Ole Miss next week, they can still be on track for a 9 win season. The Hogs need to be jucu univ for next year as our freshman LG had a very long night tonight along with our Sr DEs. They were not as impactful as hoped for in this game but it is Bama’s five stars we were playing.

er, a little more awesome, FSU beat Richt and previous undefeated Miami tonight.

I see CBB and the Hogs headed for 4-4 going into the week off. Some lucky breaks and maybe they split out for 6-6. Good for a weak bowl and CBB becomes the first Arkansas coach to win 3 straight bowl games. Long will then give him an extension and raise! :smiley:

Oh yes the mighty Hurricanes with premium wins against, Florida A&M, Florida Atlantic, Appalachian State, and Georgia Tech. Yes, your absolutely right!! FSU should be put back into the top 10 ASAP. And Louisville, should be put at #1 cause Bobby " when are you going to kiss me?’ Petrino is just so awesome! :roll:

The fact is if Clemson wins out and BP beats Houston on the road Thursday night mid-November, in all probability finishing 11-1, then he has a shot at the playoffs, worst case he gets the best bowl just outside the final four. One year less on the job than CBB, and with lesser recruits, according to the stars people that is. Beats the hell outa the Independence Bowl.

The Houston game is meaningless after a loss to Navy. Louisville can go 11-1 and can’t get in because the ACC is horrible. The only way Louisville can get in is to have a 2 loss conference champ from another power 5. Then, no other conference can have a second place team with one loss. Cause any other 11-1 team in second place,in the other power conferences will get the nod over Louisville.

I truely like CBB and wish him all the best as a coach and a man. But, the truth is, that our beloved Hogs are in over their head in the SEC west. Year after year, our recruiting is last or close to last in the SEC. It really doesn’t matter much who the coach is, our recruiting base in Arkansas is small and we have no natural recruiting area. Sure we pull in a few guys from Texas and Lousianna, but in most cases, they were not recruited by A&M, Texas or LSU. Watch the other offers for most of our recruits, they are from weaker midwestern schools or Sunbelt teams. Against the Tide, we have boys playing against grown men. A close friend of mine who was a high school football coach for many years told me the difference between a five star recruit and a three star is the five star matured very early, started shaving in the eighth grade and looked like a grown man in high school. We don’t see those guys at Arkansas. And make no mistake, all SEC schools have great facilities so there is no reason to leave their home state to come to Arkansas. As a proud Alumi of Arkansas, we need to realize that the SEC is not the place for us, we actually fit better in the Sunbelt Conference. I hate this but it is true. If we stay in the SEC, then we should be satisfied with seven or eight wins a year with, hopefully, a nine win season on occasion. Sorry, but this is the truth.

Where do you dudes come from? You must be the younger generation 30’s somethings? You dudes think you have it all figured out. I know, I was once one of you. Now we hear about early shavers and late bloomers. I think most of our guys are shaving too. The late bloomers are mostly marching in the band.

The state of Alabama is no hotbed of recruiting and they have two SEC schools plus are closely surrounded by more powerhouse programs than Arkansas. Arkansas is close to and can recruit Texas & Louisiana which are recruiting hotbeds. This coach for whatever reasons is just not developing players, be it by poor choices in recruiting or coaching. We need this coach to quickly do a better job or find a coach who can.

I know the Hogs have it rougher than a state that can produce all the D1 talent they need within their borders. However, it can be done. Look at Oklahoma, they beat Texas with a team mostly of Texans. Coaching is what Arkansas needs. Not the Sunbelt. I actually have thought for years the Hogs fit better in the Big 12, our roots. However it is never happening due to the mighty dollar.