Today's Loss

I hated to see the Hogs lose today after they played a decent game, but the terrible play calling finally did them in. The two worse calls for me was when they brought Ty Storey in on third down and everyone new he was going to run it or should say try to run it and the last play where they were trying to hit a long pass on fourth down. Get the first down and then take your shots down field if needed. Everyone knows what the Hogs are going to do before they do it most of the time. Next week will be a blowout by Tigers. This team is done for the year.

The coaches lost this game today! Enos is an idiot! CBB is an idiot for hiring him! Fire them all today!

Should have punted, forced a not so good throwing QB to go 80 yds, pick him off, drive down the field, and kick a FG to win it with 7 secs left…That’s what should have happened.

Need to wait until Dec. 1. I think that is when CBB’s buyout drops.

We should not have punted, Curles should have threw the flag on the horse collar on the third down. Shouldn’t have been 4th on the AA throw

Baked, it looked like a horse collar to me, but I didn’t hear that mentioned.

Once again, a horrible coaching job in the fourth quarter. Our last series was an absolute joke. Good field position with over 3 1/2 minutes left and we run 20 to 30 seconds off the clock and turn it over on downs – we basically gave State the game. Fire Bielema as quickly as possible !!! He can’t coach his way out of a paper bag.

Curles did what Curles always does and that is screw the Hogs. Having said that the refs didn’t lose this game the coaches did. #FireBielema

Need to wait until Dec. 1. I think that is when CBB’s buyout drops.
[/quote]CBB’s buyout drops Jan 1, 2018. However, to save about a half million, it seems to me, they could fire him effective Jan 1 and, if a new head coach has been selected before Jan 1, they could go ahead announce that the new head coach to take over on Jan 1.

It seem to me that CBB should agree to accept the Jan 1 buyout amount, if they would also pay his salary until Jan 1. That way he wouldn’t lose any money and could leave 5 weeks earlier.

I was surprised and we didn’t get a replay. I thought it was a clear horse collar and led to an injury. Should have at least been discussed