Today's Game

Hogs will need to play better than they did last night to beat Vandy! I hope they show up to play today from the opening whistle.

I truly think the Hogs will play better and I am hoping Vandy’s legs will be getting a little tired since they have played the last two days and aren’t very deep. So lets hope we can push the pace.

I hope they play better too! I also hope they push the pace but if they fail to share the ball or put up wild prayers and fail to score Vandy will win! The hogs should have been up 10 to 15 last night early they made poor decisions on the offensive end and failed to block out and rebound on defense. That’s a receipt to get beat.

So damn proud of the Team today, and it was truly a team effort. Lets take it to the Cats tomorrow!

Great win. Hopefully pushed us to a 6 or 7 seed. no way SC should be seeded ahead of us.

It is hard to figure out why SC would be seeded higher than the Hogs at this point. I doubt they would move up much even if they beat KY.

Well there is 2 reasons for South Carolina to be seeded ahead of our hogs

  1. Horrible road loss at Missouri
  2. Bad home loss to Mississippi State
    Those hurt really bad. With a win tomorrow
    We shoul Maybe get to the 7 seed line that is a question for Swine! Post him the question.
    We have had a good year and we have a good team! If we had won those 2 games mentioned above we would be on the 6 or 7 seed line now. The loss to Minnesota,
    Florida (twice), Kentucky, Oklahoma State and Vandy don’t hurt much for seeding.
    I don’t think South Carolina should be ahead of us though. I also think the hogs should not have been considered a bubble team. We will to the dance or other wise called the ACC / Big East invitational tournament.
    Win tomorrow and see what happens. We can all thank all of the media and announcers for pumping up Kentucky and down grading the rest of the SEC all year.
    During our games I get tired about hearing afoot Kentucky and Greaseball “Cal” getting airtime. Until we beat Kentucky on national TV and gain the respect we won’t change it. That’s also a reason we are seeded so poorly.