To Generalhog

General. You’re right. I shouldn’t haven’t insulted your intelligence. You’re one of the smartest posters on this site. We just have an honest disagreement on a few issues. I’m sure you’re just as frustrated with the state of the football team as everyone else. I just believe that this experiment with CBB has failed and we should move on after the season. You’re right to mention the buyout and with whom we could get as a coach. Just wandering if Long does make a change, who would you try to get? An established head coach, an up and comer, or an assistant coach that maybe ready for the top job? Not trying to be cute, just curious.

Oh I’m angry about what’s happening. I’m not saying change shouldn’t happen, it might need to happen. But I’m also worried about the ramifications of firing Bielema and having the finances to get a good coach to replace him. And when it comes to who, I honestly think we’ve gone so far down, that we will have to get an up and comer. I don’t know who that would be.

Getting an up-and-comer is a risk, but it’s likely the next move if CBB is let go. An up-and-comer won’t bring a “big name” so that may not attract players depending on who it is. If that’s the case, then it may be another three or four years before fielding a good team. By that time, will the fan base then turn on him? Let’s hope this is not the start of the five-year cycles for coaches.

Agreed…while i believe it is probably time to end the Bielema era I fear exactly what you posted above will happen. It is truly frustrating to be a fan of a program that is in this position.

Or get a somewhat big name coach with nothing to lose. I’m not a fan, but Les Miles comes to mind with that regard.

Oh…geeze a 64yr old coach who rivals Houston Nutt as the greatest QB killa in history? No thank you.

General Hog,

Are you employed by the Athletic Department @ University of Arkansas?

Nope. Why?