What just happened. Insane

What a finish…SEC, SEC.

What an incredibly selfish thing by the Georgia player who took his helmet off during the celebration. Without those 15 yards, Tennessee could have never been in position to throw the pass. It may be a bad rule, but it is the rule and it has been for awhile. You just can’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Yes quite insane because of the penalty. Kinda knew Tennessee with their tall physical receivers would have a chance to come down with the ball. Just felt that coming. Tennessee is never out of it this year. Would love to see the matchup with A&M next week to record along with Bama and the Hogs! Woopig!!!

I will be hopeful that Dominique Reed get things going as he is also tall and fast. Would love to see the similar fight in him for the ball next week when he gets the opportunities as he is a Sr WR with big-play ability. Let’s do this! Woopig!!!

Tennessee is off to Auburn with Scam type season. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat flashed for both teams twice. Now lets see the Vols beat A&M, Hogs beat Bama and we are in business. While I am in my dream, why not see Louisville beat Clemson. I see Hawgs and Cardinals in Bowl game, why not it be the playoffs. WPS!!!