Tired of the "MA-can't-win-on-the-road" tripe

I saw last night they flashed on the TV screen MA’s road record since taking over at Arkansas. They gave no context, and you were led to believe that he has been awful on the road. First of all, his overall winning percentage on the road is better than the SEC average, and way better than that of his two predecessors. Second, when you look more closely at that record, you can divide it into an early period, covering about the first two and a half years, when MA’s teams lost almost every SEC road game, and then a more recent period when they have won more than half their SEC road games and have, I believe, been second only to Kentucky in road prowess. I notice many fans aren’t aware of this, either, and will unthinkingly say, “Oh, MA he seems like a nice guy but just can never win on the road.” There was a time when that was true, but not for about the last three years now.

Agreed. Numbers are absolute, BUT there is always context behind those numbers that most people tend to ignore. To your point, I think over the last 6 SEC road games we are 5-1 right now.

All true, MA has turned the corner and that monkey off of his back, now we just need to care of business at home.

Starting tonight vs LSU! Go Hogs!