Tired of bashing Coach Anderson...

but I really do wonder what’s going on with his leadership and coaching. I so appreciate him dumping a good situation at Missouri to come back to Arkansas with goals of getting back to top 20 play again. He did a good job at Missouri and maybe a better job at Birmingham but with Arkansas he can’t seem to get on track with any kind of consistency or success really at all.

Is he lazy, has money ruined him? Not saying he is or it has, just trying to figure out where the problem is…

If it’s the players than that’s him correct?

I don’t see the fire in him or his team, hardly ever are there two impressive games in a row. He doesn’t get the best out of anybody much that I can see. Qualls is the only player that ever got better. Name another one.

Lucky as h we beat Tennessee (only because of making free throws, and them clanking theirs)…

Personally I thought Tennessee and Ms State were terrible.

Has he been there long enough to fire him, who knows??? I think so, at least I think he’s been there long enough that we can see what we have moving forward. And we either like it or we don’t.

Time will tell.

If what happened before last season, we would be playing for a 3 straight year of making the tourney. Your first paragraph is an indictment on the players either leaving early and not warning Anderson, or getting in some trouble with either grades or the law. All had nothing to do with Anderson.

I’ll guarantee!!!, with the dealing I’ve had with him, he’s not lazy and neither is his staff.

Qualls was the only one who got better? Madden, Durham, Kingsley, Harris, Haydar, Portis, Bell, etc. I can go on and on.

He’s not going to be fired or you can kiss our next 3 recruiting classes good bye.

This loss last night sucks, but we are still in the hunt and just maybe this will be a wakeup call to our boys the rest of the season.

If he continues to see Thomas as a player who deserves the amount of minutes he has played against Kentucky and MS ST>, this will be no better than a .500 conference season! Not to attack a player but his woes way way outway his heip during these games and the constant influx of players in and out keeps anyone from having a hot hand like players from other teams have against us and only kills any rythem our team does get going! This is why other teams and there are many this year in the SEC that are growing by leaps and bounds get better and we will still be playing games like this in Feb.! Cold shooting, no rebounding and defensive breakdowns and big turnover games and why??? The only team that looks tired at the end is usally ours!!! I’m a MA fan but he gets out coached more than ever and was last night BIG TIME!!!

If CMA is to stay around, then he needs to get him some good assistants that can coach. He needs to clean house and start over and maybe save his job. If the players are lacking that much talent then that is on the coach for recruiting them.

“I’m a MA fan but he gets out coached more than ever and was last night BIG TIME!!!”

Last night was the only night I will admit he got out coached. It is not normal for him to do so.

Anderson doesn’t even know who to start this many games into the season. He’s not smart enough to build around his point guard, shooter and big man.

Beard is the only player on the team that knows how to penetrate and kick the ball out to an open shooter and he doesn’t even start. He just needs a little coaching now and then.

Poor Ark is a 10 pt favorite against Ms St at home and we get outplayed, out hustled out coached out rebounded and now fall to 1 - 3 in the conference with some decent pieces on the team. A capable point guard, shooter and big man. AND THOMPSON AND the Junior college guys. And others.

You give me Beard, Hannahs, Kingsley, Thompson and the junior college guys and I swear on the bible I could beat Ms State at home.

Absolutely mind boggling that we think this will turn around and Anderson is the answer. And people can’t understand the empty seats.

You must be joking!

Anderson changes the lineup to fit the team he’s playing. That’s called strategy. Heck, even coaches like coack K don’t always use the same starting 5.

I guess you must have gone to the bathroom everytime Watkins, Barford, or Macon made kickouts. I would add Hannahs, but Hannahs usually drives and if it isn’t there, then he dribbles back out.

You think you know so much, put in your application.

Empty seats? I agree the attendance wasn’t as good as it should but for someone who WAS AT THE GAME, I can tell you it was better than you probably think.

General you are such a good hog fan and no doubt a good egg, I almost wish we could make a change for you and not me or anyone else. Just so you could see what a well coached team with fire looks like.

Anderson (these days) is mediocre at best. This is why his teams are mediocre and the very best in state kids cruise. Wake up sir and figure that out.

We can’t (year after year) can’t even rebound or guard the three. We are not even middle of the pack I’m afraid. We suck and that’s a fact that’s hard to live with in my book

Again, I don’t think you have a clue about what’s going on with the program. You have your opinion of Anderson and that’s fine, no matter how misguided it is. But of our next 8 recruits, 6 are from Arkansas. We don’t suck and if you can’t see that then that’s your problem.

Tired of bashing? I wasn’t going to bash and give him time but there is no excuse for last season as poor as we were and no excuse for starting 1-3 in conference play this year. Oh Portis left, players got in trouble, oh well it was also Mikes 5th season last year; you’d think by year 5 he’d have some depth recruited but NO, he got a pass. This year we got unreal JuCos right, even Mike said before season started last year was a blip and we’re back!!! Well, ummmm, again…no we’re not, not close.
Facts are facts, Mike isn’t getting it done. Not close!! He’s got the donors, the practice facility he wanted, fan support is there (Top 20 or Top 15 last 4 years, go look it up if you want, i just did). The problem is Mike!! He can’t recruit, he can’t in game manage and he plays an outdated system. He also can’t win on road, Ever!! Mike has the worst home/away winning discrepancy in nation!! Not ok, not bad, no the absolute worst!! They showed it on screen last night. His in game management is pathetic!! Last night Beard was god awful, bricking everything, getting blocked, taking the wrong shots, turning it over but yet Mike kept him in game down stretch and Beard made critical mistakes. Smh, like change it up Mike!! Good god your awful.
I’m done with this overpaid crap coach we have, we have better talent than what we’re showing on court. No way we should lose that game last night at home, No Way!! Mike is terrible, doesn’t care anymore and we better replace him sooner than later.

We already had an All Star caliber coach in state last year in Chris Beard, look at what he’s doing at Tech in first year. Smh. 13-3 with wins over W. Virginia and Kansas St already. Mike couldn’t do that if he was in his 20th year here! Dude is garbage, we better move on. Or we’ll be mediocre and never improve.

Virtually everything you said is either complete hogwash or half truths.

You sit there and say he has no excuse for last year, then list all the problems(while leaving out a few) we had last year that had nothing to do with Anderson, and magically that’s no excuse? Saying we shouldn’t have had a depth issue, while ignoring because of those issues, we lost 6-7 scholarship players on a roster of 15 players, including walkons. Yeah, you get it.

Until last night, none of our loses were to bad teams and even last night is debatable since it was a high recruiting class that beat us. But in fact, we are better than before and are still 12-4.

He can’t recruit? Except the top 20 class coming in and current #1 class for 18, and has the top PG for 19, but other than that, sure he can’t recruit.

What’s getting old is fans making ridiculous statements about Anderson and the program. Yes, last night was awful, but it’s not an indication that we are a terrible team that can’t get it together. I’ll bet money that when we win Saturday, nobody will be hear saying anything.

Omg man, are you serious? So let’s just get down to it then. 1 tourney in 6 years is cutting it? 1 tourney in 6 seasons is doing a good job??? 1 tourney in 6 years is good recruiting?? God bless man, that’s horrible. And with Mike and Arkansas have you noticed it’s always “wait til next year”, “wait til this class”, “wait til we get this guy”. Been hearing the excuses for years now without any results but 1 tourney appearance. Mike is garbage bro, sorry.

Oh wait I guess you believe Mike when he says “we’ll get this thing fixed”. Sorry to ruin your parade but we’re NOT going to the tourney once again. Not even close. Heck, we may not even make the NIT!! That’s the reality.

Again, you are ignoring external factors as to why that is. You want to get serious, lets get serious. During the NCAA tournament and I’m guessing during the season Portis and Qualls both said they were leaning to return, they didn’t and it screwed up recruiting. Then you have Kapita not make grades. Then we lose 3 guys for most if not all the year last year. If none of those things happened(none was Anderson’s fault) would we have made the tournament last year? The answer would be undoubtedly yes. So in 5 1/2 years, we would theoretically be in contention of making the NCAA tourney 3 years in a row. What happened before last season set this program back to square one when Anderson got here, minus loss of scholarships. This isn’t conjecture, this is hard fact.

Wow. Actually your dead wrong. The only thing that’s a FACT is your excuses for Mike Anderson. Ted Kapita??? Ummm, yeah. What’s he doing?? He that super stud that’s a high draft pick?? Oh wait, yeah he’s nobody. He’s not doing squat dude, Nothing!! He’s not a program changer, not freaking close man. Just another excuse you want to use. Mike is overrated and awful. Gets out coached all the time, I’m sick of it. Hog fans deserve better!!

1 tourney in 6 years after this year. That’s a fact!!!
Everything you argue isn’t fact it’s an excuse. I can’t believe you even brought up Ted Kapita!! Hahaha. Dude is a bust man. Where is he now, NC State?? Smh.

BTW tired of bashing him… meaning I’m basically sick of looking at him because all I can do is bash him and I would rather have a new guy with hope instead of the same ole crap of CMA stinking it up and drawing a huge check and producing very very little in return and me bashing him.

Everything I posted was the truth, if you can’t handle it, then stop showing your ignorance. For example, Kapita is doing nothing? http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … e-wolfpack Plays for NC State.

Actually, I think our program deserves some better fans.

You can look at it anyway you want, but anyone with any objectivity can see what’s happened and what’s going to happen.

Haha, yeah I got you.
Anyone who knows basketball can see after 5 1/2 years Mike is awful. Can’t get it done. Can’t make in game adjustments at all, can’t recruit, plays an outdated system!!!

Mikes awful and the coaching in the SEC over last 2 years has gotten a lot better, and what do you know, now he can’t beat Miss St at home. Just disgusting.

And to you above, how can you say it’s fact we make tourney 3 years in a row, how can you say that when this year we’re back to being not even close!! No…the fact is 1 tourney in 6 years!! That’s a fact after this year bro. You know what isn’t?? That if this happened, and that, and this…then we would have been in tourney last 3 years. Like smh, laughable. All excuses. Hey if I was 6-10, I’d be in NBA making Millions right?? Haha. Well you might be 6-10 but DEF not a fact you’d be in NBA. Can’t say that’s a fact. Get out of LaLa land bro

“And to you above, how can you say it’s fact we make tourney 3 years in a row, how can you say that when this year we’re back to being not even close!! No…the fact is 1 tourney in 6 years!! That’s a fact after this year bro. You know what isn’t?? That if this happened, and that, and this…then we would have been in tourney last 3 years. Like smh, laughable. All excuses. Hey if I was 6-10, I’d be in NBA making Millions right?? Haha. Well you might be 6-10 but DEF not a fact you’d be in NBA. Can’t say that’s a fact. Get out of LaLa land bro”

If you actually read what I wrote, I said theoretically. But like most theory’s, there is evidence behind it with key returning starters like Portis and Qualls, the likelyhood was excellent. STILL, you ignored the point of what I wrote to make a case that isn’t there. Good job. And your analogy isn’t even relevant to what I said.

I hear those theoretical banners that have been hoisted in BWA the last few years look awesome.