Time for the Spread Offense?

College football has been trending away from traditional offense in favor of spread offenses for quite some time now, it’s very interesting when you look at this weeks AP&Coaches Top 25 poll.
I’d say at least 75% of the ranked teams are running most of their offense out of the shotgun and spread style while the number of teams running a traditional 2 back offense with the QB under center are in the minority.

Currently, our Razorbacks struggle mightily to run the football against FBS Defenses and we supposedly have the best speed at the skill positions that we’ve had in years so the question is why don’t we just open it up for the remainder of the season and throw the ball 2/3 of the time because we clearly don’t have an O-Line this season capable of being physical enough to do the ground and pound thing.

I actually don’t understand the whole pro style offense thing because when you watch game on Sunday you rarely see teams running plays from under center, so even the NFL has somewhat shifted away from the old traditional style of offense in order to get the ball to their best athletes that can make plays in space.

I know that high school programs have been changing over to this style for years now and that’s what a majority of these kids grow up playing and that’s what they’re comfortable doing.

What are some of your thoughts, I’d e interested in knowing.

Go Hogs

Yes! We need to get our backs the ball in space not have em run up the middle into a wall of defenders. We need to work on a quick passing game where we get the ball to our recievers in space and then let them work. We need a less complicated blocking scheme because what we have now just isn’t working.

I agree with that and I would love to see a dual threat option as well the play calling has got to get better I have a hard time believing we don’t have the talent on offense to light it up on the ground or in the air I have seen speed on the offense the stubbornness of run first has got to stop I did notice against bama Kelley could have ran and got atleast 1 touchdown and another first down on one series I don’t care how they play aslong as they are successful

This staff believes in attempting to drive a square through a round hole. When they hit thier head on concrete that keep coming right back for seconds. When they were running with sucess aginst a tired Texas A&M defense in overtime they decided to throw and the game ended on an interception. They always go aginst whet is working it appears.

During this coach’s tenure, we can’t defend dual threat qbs. Manzel, Mahones,Hurt, are all great ones that beat us. Why do we not want a dual threat qb? We have had three but all end up at other schools.

I don’t see Bielema changing his stripes, but something needs to be done drastically different on offense. I think it starts with the coaching and Kurt Anderson must be handing out raffle tickets for offensive line positions. Absolute insanity ongoing there.

The spread offense or some version of it would be a welcome sight for many. A shift in that direction would certainly get the attention of Gerry Bohanon, I would think. No idea why we aren’t chasing that kid harder, though his skill set doesn’t seem to mesh well with Bielema’s offensive philosophy.

On a related note, I wonder what Mike Leach is going to do without his athletic director in Pullman? Does he follow Bill Moos to Nebraska? Lincoln has usually been more of a ground and pound, Bielema ball venue.

Woo Pig.

I’m very much afraid that our offense is already spread about as thinly as can be spread and still retain the ability to score ANY points at all.

About The only “spread” that is applicable now as it pertains to Arkansas - - is “bend over and “spread” your “cheeks”, - - - because here comes another toughie”.

I have no knowledgeable, practical solution to our dilemma; - - but Lord knows we sure desperately need one.